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Subscribers: getting rid of big "shuffle play" button

Subscribers: getting rid of big "shuffle play" button

I was very unpleasantly surprised after the last update to see the huge, ugly "shuffle play" button that appeared on the playlist screen. I rarely use shuffle (I might be weird but I still like listening to albums) and I think the old way of turning on shuffle mode is fine.


This new button takes a lot of space and pushes down the song list, which is now mostly out of the screen (on my Nexus 4). The song list is all I'm interested in really on that screen, I shouldn't have to scroll to see past the first 2 songs. This is a user experience nightmare.


The playlist screen is the one I see the most in daily use, so it's very upsetting to see it ruined and to have to scroll everytime to pick a song. Please take care of your paying customers and fix this.

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I think this was partly in response to user requests and partly in connection with the launch of Free on mobile where shuffle is the only option. I'm not sure how willing Spotify will be to remove the button but I agree that it is pretty intrusive on a small screen. How about starting a new topic over in ideas?

You're right I will follow your advise and post a message in the ideas forum. I'm not very hopeful that they'll change anything but I am honestly quite upset about it, this is ruining the experience for me, and I've been a subscriber for 3 years.  


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