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Syncing issues on android

Syncing issues on android






samsung galaxy s9

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android 10


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Hi in the past few days I've noticed some issues using spotify, in particular liked songs don't sync between mobile and desktop and also the "following" counter in my profile doesn't update when I follow a new artist. I think that the problem is in the android app because liked songs are syncing correctly between desktop app and web player, but they don't sync when I like a new song on android. In addition the following number updates as expected on desktop/web player.

I'm using the last version avaiable on android, which should be the

Could it be related to the last update? It's quite a frustrating bug

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Hi @davidewastaken!


Since synchronization happens on a server side, depending on your connection to the server, there can be some delays.


Overall we would recommend avoiding using multiple instances of Spotify at the same time as in some occasions they can "compete" against each other, each trying to sync your data with the servers, which can cause issues.


Do you use a VPN on your phone or maybe have a custom DNS setting? Anything that might interfere with the connection can cause sync issues, even if your phone is a bit laggy.


Best way to rule an issue with the specific phone is to log in to your account on another phone, maybe one of a family member or a friend. Try it out and keep us posted!

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