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Terrible new layout







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The newest update has completely changed my app layout. All of my saved songs have been put into a new "liked songs" playlist. Ive lost most of my artists that are from the saved songs as well. This new update is horrible PLEASE FIX IT

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Hey @Legomywaffles, welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


Could you check this Spotify Answer to see if that helps?

Let me know how that goes 🙂

We already know how you **bleep**ed up the app. Telling us how you did does not help. We want to know how you are going to fix it. 

Hello, unfortunatley this update doesnt streamline anything as answers say.
It deleted all of my downloaded songs, single saved songs albums are not in
the albums tab anymore meaning that they are all on the "liked songs"
playlist which now consists of 1000+ songs. Also ever since the change my
app has been constantly skipping throughout the songs. I have multiple
people that still have the old convenient layout. Why I got stuck with it
makes no sense to me but please just tell me how to change it back.

Head here  and vote to bring back the old UI. The more votes the better so give the link to the voting page to everyone you know who wants the old UI back. 

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