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Too many ads all the time

Too many ads all the time




Android 10


I've been using the Android app for more than two years and for the most part ads were fine, however it got really worse recently. Not only I get two ads every 10/15 minutes, sometimes even less, or after two songs, but I also don't the option to watch a 30 seconds ad to have more music time.

I have to also ask why I can't skip ads on my Smartwatch, considering that I can skip regular music on it. I basically wanted this because I live in a place where robberies are frequent and I don't want to take my phone out of my bag everytime to skip an ad, and now I'm basically forced to do so.


This was no update, it simply got worse and worse, why's that? If this keep going on I'll simply stop using the app all together, I used because it was good but I'm tired to keep hearing the same ads all the time everyday.

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Hey @MadScar12345678,


Thanks for reaching out.


We've forwarded your feedback to the relevant team at Spotify, however we can't confirm if or when it will be addressed. Make sure to always keep your app up-to-date to benefit from the latest fixes and features.


Let us know if there's anything else.


Take care,

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