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Track title colour on "Artist Page" -> "Liked songs"- a UI, State and Responsiveness Issue,

Track title colour on "Artist Page" -> "Liked songs"- a UI, State and Responsiveness Issue,




United Kingdom



(Galaxy Note 😎

Operating System

(Android 9 (Pie))


My Issue

I'm a long-term Spotify user, and have an interest in User Experience design.
I have noticed a slight UI discrepancy, along with some quite unexpected UI behaviour in the Spotify mobile app on Android.  It does not appear to be present on desktop (Win' 10).  I cannot verify whether this discrepancy is present on other platforms like iOS.

How do I find / replicate this issue?

1. Go to any artist page for which you have 'liked' several of their songs.


2. Tap the "Liked songs" pseudo-playlist (this should be visible below the follow button, and above the Popular track list)
Note: I really like the Artist->Liked songs pseudo-playlist feature, it is extremely convenient.

3. Notice that the colouring for all listed tracks has no bearing on their relevant state (online/offline/availability/downloaded state/currently being played)


Why is this a problem?

Greyed-out track-titles are used throughout the app to signify to the user whether the track is currently playable.

Green track-titles are used through the app to signify that 'this is the track currently being played'

It is quite clear that all of these tracks are playable, especially as they are downloaded.  The app still permits the playing of tracks from this view, so it is a purely visual issue.   Played-track state does not appear to behave consistently on this view: tapping a song to play it does not make it turn green, although 'leaving' and 're-entering' the view does update this, presumably due to a forced re-render.


Do you have screenshots?

Yep, sorry about the order... I know it's not ideal.


Inconsistent 'current track UI' when choosing tracks from this view

Inconsistent UI between played track and track listingInconsistent UI between played track and track listing


How tracks typically look when searching your full 'liked songs' library for them

Another example of how it 'should' look, according to a full library 'liked songs' searchAnother example of how it 'should' look, according to a full library 'liked songs' search


This is how tracks typically look according to an album, notice the consistent 'played track' state.

Consistent UI between played track and track listingConsistent UI between played track and track listing


How to find the view in question...

Navigating the to view in questionNavigating the to view in question


Unusual 'greyed-out' appearance of the view in question

Greyed-out tracks from artist->liked songs 'pseudo-playlist'Greyed-out tracks from artist->liked songs 'pseudo-playlist'



1 Reply

Hi @elliott-huge,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 


After doing some tests, we were able to replicate the issue with the UI and the way the songs appear greyed out. We'd like to investigate this further, so please let us know the model of your phone, as well as the Spotify version you're running. 


On another note, you mention a discrepancy between the song you're currently playing and the one that is displayed on the "Now Playing" window. On the first screenshot we noticed you were streaming to an external speaker. Does the same happen when you're playing it directly from your phone's speaker? 


Lastly, it would be extremely helpful if you could send us a video showing everything that we're reviewing.


We'll be on the lookout.

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