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Transfer cache to SD card - FAQ solutions do NOT work

Transfer cache to SD card - FAQ solutions do NOT work

Hi Community, 


I have the same problem as mentioned above. All the syncronized playlist are stored on the internal storage no matter what I try.


- I have researched over 30+ pages (including on the ones on this forum) and have followed to the letter the FAQ and step by step solutions , but without success. So apologies for the question already posted 100+ times, but all these solutions would not work for me.


-I have 10gb free on internal storage and 60gb on SD card


-I have cleared cache, uninstalled spotify, went in the file manager and deleted the "" file. Weirdly, even if it is taking all my internal memory, this file is only appearing on my SD card, and not on my Internal storage files (path is Android>Data>


-I have switched download quality to Extreme


However, spotify stupidly still chooses to use my internal storage memory.


I even tried to "fill" my internal storage with random app until I had 500mb free on my internal storage and 60gb on the SD card, but it did not work and still choose to create the cach on the internal storage,


This is incredibly frustrating, and made me consider finding alternatives to spotify.


Any help would be much appreciated



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I am experiencing the same problem as you do. I can hardly believe that it´s so dificult (if no impossible) to transfer the files do the SD Card. I bought a new cellphone with a 128MB SD Card only to save the Spotify files and I´m really frustrated. 😞

Im new user un spotify.... Mi internal storage la full, i did what FAQ say. Delete data and caché, later I login to my account and try to download my músic offline but sportify still saving the files im my internal storage!! What can i do??

My SD is free, 13GB avalaible.


I did it again, delete caché and all data of spotify and re download my playlist and finally is keeping the songs ik my SD card.

Im so happy 😉

Try to do it ag

Really??? Congrats! 


I´m thinking about reinstaling to make it work. 


Let´s see.


Thanks for the feedback!



How are you checking where your cache is being stored? I always find the standard manage app detail screen confusing or incorrect. As long as on your sd card you have the folder and there are sub-folders within this then the cache is actually correctly going to your sd card.

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I finally solveed this problem, yay!!! 


Please, take a look at this video. It´s in Portuguese, but it show the steps, and it´s really, really easy:


All you have to do is go to the internal memory of your devide, click in folder "Android, then "data", and delete the folder inside "data". Then, you create a folder with the exact same name inside the SD card, using the same path.


Theh, uninstall and install the app again. Now, the downloaded songs will bem transfered and saved on the SD card.


After you do that, sometimes the songs are duplicated in both folders, internal and external,because Spotify recreates the folder in the internal memory. (it didn´t happen to me). All you have to do is delete the folder again after the reinstation.





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