Ultra slow load times, even on Downloads, Shows, Playlists, etc.

Ultra slow load times, even on Downloads, Shows, Playlists, etc.


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Samsung Galaxy 9+

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Android 9


My Question or Issue

For months now, the Spotify app has been extremely slow to load pages. Even if it's the Downloads page in offline mode. No matter what I'm trying to open, it can take a few minutes to load. This is just unacceptable to me. How are users supposed to jump in the car and go if they can't select a song or podcast quickly, even *from their downloads*. To me, downloading music or a podcast is supposed to be the best way to avoid having to load anything, yet here we are. 


I have done a hard re-install of the app, I've cleared my cache, I've restarted my phone. I don't have much downloaded, but should it matter that much? When I use Google Play Music it doesn't take this long to load anything, let alone when I'm in Offline mode, and I had tons of music downloaded from that app. 


If anyone has any fixes for this, I'd really appreciate it. Having used other apps with Offline modes, this just seems unreasonable. 

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Hey there @CozyGhost,


Thanks for reaching out here! 


If the app is still slow to load, follow these steps: 

  1. Do a clean reinstall.

  2. Enable Permissions for Spotify: Mobile Settings> Apps> Spotify> Permissions. Allow everything you see there.

  3. Check if Spotify is not selected for battery optimization: Mobile settings> Apps> Spotify> Battery> Optimize battery usage> select top All (not optimized for apps)> Spotify> disable.

  4. Restart the phone.

Let us know if that boosted the performance of your app 🙂

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The permission part helped me, for My Samsung s20 ultra.

Allowed everything, restarted the app, then tested it out. WORKED!

Thanks alot

Taking it off of the battery optimization list worked immediately for my Galaxy S10+ Thank you!




United States


Samsung Galaxy A12

Operating System

Android 11.0 (the latest update for my phone)


My Question or Issue

When online, it takes over a minute to load even downloaded songs, albums, and playlists. In offline mode, it speeds it up (when it works), but going into offline mode freezes the app for at least a minute, and sometime crashes the it. I've cache clearing, and tried a full clean reinstall twice, and made sure it was the only running app. This started seemingly out of random, with no cause I can find. Also, it isn't my internet speeds; I have gigabit internet.

Hi @SamanthaWalpert!


Could you try one of the aforementioned methods to see if it would do the trick for you? Go to your phone's Settings > Apps > Spotify > Permissions and make sure all appropriate permissions are enabled. Check also if the app is being optimized as to save battery and disable the optimization. This can be done in Settings > Apps > Spotify > Battery.


Let us know how it goes. Cheers!


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