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I am unable to un-hide a song that I hid accidentally on a playlist. I have gone into settings, pressed "show unplayable songs" gone to the song into the playlist and then clicked the red hidden symbol, when that didn't work, I pressed on the three dots at the side of the song and pressed hidden, and then that menu disappears.


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Hey there @Danboy2000


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community, and welcome 🙂


Just to confirm, are you getting an error message when you tap the Hidden symbol or is the app not doing anything at all?


Also, it's expected that the menu will close after you select the Hidden option, but the change should be immediate. If it's not, could you try performing a clean reinstall of the app? This will help you get rid of any cache that might be causing trouble.


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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I have this problem with Getaway Car by Taylor Swift.  Nothing happens if you select the three dots and then "Hidden."  It just closes the menu.

Hi there @maspringob13,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Could you try logging out, restarting your device, and logging back in? If that doesn't make any difference, could you try un-hiding the song on a different device to check if it works properly?


We'll be looking out for your reply.

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