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Unable to click view artist or album (greyed out)

Unable to click view artist or album (greyed out)

As of yesterday when i click the 3 dots in an effort to view the album for the song I'm listening to, the options view album and view artist are greyed out.


I also noticed this morning that my search would only pull up songs I've download. No artist, no albums, etc...  It almost seems as though spotify doesn't realize I'm connected to the internet? I double checked (even clicked on then off) offline mode,  but to no avail.


Thanks for your time. 








Galaxy S8+

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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I have this too. Very annoying.

Having this issue too. Was fine yesterday, now suddenly unable to view artist or album details, and unable to search outside anything that's already downloaded. Mobile data and wi-fi are both enabled on my phone, and Spotify set to allow Cellular access.


Device connectivity is fine as when I select one of Spotify's recommended songs, new releases, or "Best of" lists they all play just fine.


Come on Spotify! Premium users paying a monthly subscription should be getting better support than this!


Sony Experia XZ2

Android 8.0.0.

Premium membership


About an hour after I posted my message it started working again.

Don't know why, didn't change anything, didn't change location or connectivity.


I guess patience is the solution 🙂

Thats the whole point though, we shouldnt have to wait. Thats why we're paying for the premium service.

Hi there!


Please go to THIS ongoing issue that I created, vote for it and post a comment describing your issue and also what device, OS version and Spotify version you have.


Thank you!

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