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Unable to connect to facebook

Unable to connect to facebook

I just recently got spotify and I Have been trying to connect it to my facebook acount. It is saying that there is already a spotify account linked to it, I checked and I did see one( probably from a few years back). I disconnected the app from facebook waited a while and then went back to spotify to try again, and it is still saying that there is an account linked to the facebook acount. Also I have never put my facebook information on the spotify app sience I got it a few days ago what do I need to do to link my accounts? I have premium of that matters. I did do a search on the forums before I came here and couldn't find anything that helped me with my issue.
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Hi @user-removed,

I can suggest that Link where you can read in Detail all about "Disconnecting you Spotify Account from Facebook".

To give you more information I need to know if you've ever created a Spotify Account with your Facebook Account?


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