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Unable to login. Either username or password is incorrect

Unable to login. Either username or password is incorrect



I've been using Spotify Premium for nearly 2 years, never had any issues.

I recently got a new phone. I cannot seem to login. It says "unable to login. Either username or password is incorrect."


I can sign in ok through my laptop.

I removed the app from my phone and did a clean reinstall.

I changed my password.

I have typed it in very carefully - it is 100% correct.

I am using my username and not my email.

I removed all offline devices from my account.

I do not want to log in through facebook - never have, never will. 


Yet it  keeps giving me the error message

Can someone please help?

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Hi there @user-removed,

there are many questions in this community, which are about the same questions. No problem by the way, I'm glad that you asked so that I can help you!


Please notice that if you want to log yourself in, the Username and the Password is required! (NOT Email and Password).

If this will not solve it, let me know and we will go on with further steps.


Have a good one!


Hi Quanty,


Thanks for the reply.


As mentioned in my initial post - I am using my username and password, not my email and password. It does not work.



Alright @user-removed,

Sorry about that! 

@Joecot has, what I could see, quite the same problem. Maybe you two can help yourself by explaining each of your problem again.


Because the issue is pretty weird and it should work! But nevertheless maybe @Joecot can comment on here aswell and we go on on this base then.

If the struggle continues, I will go on and escalate it for you.





I have raised the issue through a Spotify contact form too.



I'm sure we are able to handle it!



And please keep me up to date on that! 😉


Hello - I am having this problem too. Just reinstalled Spotify on my Android and now I can't log into Spotify on my phone. I typed in my username (not my email address) correctly. I also tried resetting my password and that didn't work. I keep getting this message on my phone: "unable to login. Either username or password is incorrect." But I can log in on my laptop with my new password just fine. I am not trying to go through Facebook and my acct is not linked to Facebook so that's not it. Please help! Thx.

I have the exact same problem. I can log in on both my Laptop and iPad but when I go to my android phone I just cannot do it.

Hi-I have the same problem as well but the weird part is I am actually using facebook login. It is kinda weird regards to what is happening.   

Have the same problem lol

It really makes you **bleep**, right?

I am having the same problem. Please provide me with a solution. Love without spotify is more stressful than I thought it would be

I have the same problem, please help. 

I have also the same problems. I even reset the password just to make sure it is the correct password. But it seems it is not solving the login issue. Can someone please help here

Im having the same problem here using username and password. Even with facebook.

Have reset password uninstalled and reinstalled on android.

What version of spotify are you using?

Try reinstalling spotify, following all the steps here.

I did reinstall it did not work.

If you are or have been using one of the modded versions of the app to get premium features without a subscription, it seems that Spotify is onto you. If this isn't the case, get in touch with them here.

It still doesn't work, it is already the newest version

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