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Unhide song


Unhide song

How do I Unhide a song in the android Spotify app. I accidentally clicked the - minus sign next to a song while it was playing which gave me the message song hidden. Also, just to clarify, I'm not talking about a plalist.


Galaxy s8

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Spotify Legend

Hi folks, 


For anybody struggling with this, please head over to this Support Article and follow the steps provided.


Hope this helps 🙂

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I had the same issue, what I did was go into “...” and press “like”. It then moves it to the liked songs section instead of the hidden songs and then once you unlike it, it doesn’t return to hidden songs


“Like” the song then remove it from your “liked” playlist.  Or “add to playlist” (any playlist will work) then remove from that playlist. Works for iPhone app. Prob for Android too I’d imagine. 

This "solution" only works if you know what songs you've hidden.  Unfortunately, I have hidden dozens of songs played on radio stations created from playlists.  I assumed they would only be hidden for whatever station I was listening to -- not across ALL of my Spotify account.  I have searched high and low for a list of songs I have hidden in an attempt to recover them but it does not exist.  This has to be fixed.

Yes It is idiotic design and on Android there is even no description of what hide button does.


Really shamefull application design. Way to be cool, not usable.



Also I don't get why liked songs is now playlist and not library like it was before.


I contacted the support and got response:

You can see all these hidden songs by going to your library and tapping the "Hidden" option. Then tap the red button to remove the hidden songs from there.


Same as others - I don't have any "hidden" option, neither pc, nor andorid.


I think it is a bug, hopefully I will be able to escalate it so it gets to the developers. I think it is related to the change with podcasts and liked songs being playlist instead of library section



I can’t unhide from my life’s playlistI can’t unhide from my life’s playlist


I am having the same problem but can’t seem to find the solution.

same here

I clicked "-" minus sign by mistake, but I don't know what song it was.

So now I can never listen to one of my favorite songs ever again. 

For Android, the Windows 10 App, and the website there isn't a 'Hidden' option or button to click under 'Your Library'. 


'Liked Songs' has the following URL:

The website displays nothing if I type:   OR

spotify hidden menu.JPG

I had a "Hidden" Playlist showing in my Spotify Android Library with about 13 songs on it. |I wanted to get rid of this so called playlist.

Eventually I found that the solution was to go through each song one by one, first clicking the red no entry sign next to the song, then on the next screen clicking the heart (like) button. This removed each song from the Hidden list and when complete the Hidden playlist title vanished too.

I hope this helps someone.

Hey guys, i had the same problem, searched a lot for solution. Guys, i just found the solution. Created the account just to tell this.


Just Uninstall the app, and install it again. You will see greyed out songs in "Liked Songs" to be playable again. I found those same greyed out songs to be normal in mac spotify app, so i thought there must be something temporary in my current installation of android app. so reinstalled and tada!! solved.

Thank you! Uninstalling the app was the only thing that worked for me. Once I reinstalled the song started playing normally. It was weird, I was able to listen to the song on desktop, but not on my android. Also this was the first time that I have ever seen the hide button on my android. I even clicked a few other songs, after I figured it out, and it doesn't pop up as an option. Spotify needs to fix this bug. I never had a hidden songs playlist or artist either so I would not have been able to fix this without uninstalling the app.

Same thing happened to me. This minus Icon just suddenly appeared next to songs with no explanation for what it was for. I clicked it and a song I really liked disappeared forever. Came to this forum to try and find it again
Poor design to not give users the option to choose whether they want to hide a song or not. There should be a prompt saying 'Are you sure you want to hide this song?'

Same issue, very bad location for "hide song" - should not be ABOVE add to playlist (on Android at least). 


Solution here:


Last Updated: 17th April, 2020 12:56 IST

How To Unhide Songs On Spotify? Learn Trick In Few Easy Steps How to unhide songs on Spotify? Here is a step-by-step guide to unhide songs if you have hidden them by mistake from your android, iOS or desktop app easily.

Written By
Yash Tripathi

It seems like the solution to unhide songs by switching Show unplayable songs on is not always working. I have accidentally hidden songs on a song radio playlist. A month before Spotify had a short radio playlist, now the new songs load as you listen to the radio. So now I definitely don't know what the song was and how to find it and it makes me frustrated.

I have a free account, using iOS primarily.  Also tapped the minus (described as a BAN symbol in the Spotify Support pages) accidentally (really need to start wearing my glasses when doing fine work!) "hid" a song.  I didn't realize right away it was Hide, as it just skipped to the next song.  Investigating later, I realized that songs I Hide won't play again, and not only do I very much want to have it played again and again, I can't remember what the song was (not from a playlist I made, just Artist-->Play/Shuffle arrow.)

So, I lend my vote to having Spotify offer the list of hidden/played songs that would allow this level of editing.  I PRESUME it is already available to Premium members.  If so, I get it!

QUESTION! I did go to the albums by this artist, and found the ability to Love all the songs.  If I LOVE a song that I had previously hidden, is it safe to assume that I've undone the Hide??

thanks crew!

Hi folks, 


For anybody struggling with this, please head over to this Support Article and follow the steps provided.


Hope this helps 🙂

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This worked, thank you!

How do I bulk unhide?

Basically, for more than 2 years I have been hitting that from notification bar without realising what it was actually doing.


Only recently when i searched for particular fav songs which weren't playing did i realise what i have been doing.


Now i want to find all in one playlist of sort. Or provide "unhide all" option. I can clearly do with that.

Hey @rsvk,


Thanks for the post.


You can show all the song you've Hidden over the years, by following the steps here.


Hope this helps. We're here if you have questions.

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