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Unhide song


Unhide song

How do I Unhide a song in the android Spotify app. I accidentally clicked the - minus sign next to a song while it was playing which gave me the message song hidden. Also, just to clarify, I'm not talking about a plalist.


Galaxy s8

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Hi folks, 


For anybody struggling with this, please head over to this Support Article and follow the steps provided.


Hope this helps 🙂

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Click on the song options and there you will find the option.

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Hey @micflynn,


Could you tell us where the song you dislike could be found? Keep in mind that you can still search for it in the app and add it somewhere. If it's a Daily Mix that it was removed from, it will be automatically customized to fit your listening experience, so keep listening to your favorite music 🙂





I did the same thing while listening to Spotify's "All Out 80's" playlist.  The song I accidently hid was Faith by George Michael, which I surely want to hear again (and again).  How do I unhide it, I have a tendency to listen to 80's lists and radio stations and it would be very sad to lose that song.

It wasn't inuitive at first for me, but I found a way to get a listing of songs within an album (finally) on my Android Spotify app (Motorola MotoE4): was able to select the "Album" in question, and then just click on any one of the songs listed below it (they are all in a clump underneath "Shuffle Play").  Once you get that list of songs, each one will have the "hide" minus button next to it, and you can check/uncheck it as needed per-song.

That was one of the most unintuitive tasks:

Only on Android/iOS - go to Library, then to Artists tab, scroll all the way down to Hidden Content. Then click on the red signs next to artist or songs to unhide it.


If you don't see Hidden Content folder, your hidden songs list is empty.

Yeah I accidentally hid a track i wanted to add to a playlist and i cant seem to find any list called hidden content anywhere. I cant even remember the name of the track to find it specifically. I went the path suggested in this thread and other google searches and it doesnt work. Not sure why there isnt just a section in the settings cog for hidden content. 

I accidentally hit the minus (-) sign next to the song on a 00's Rock curated playlist. I can't figure out how to get it back. I've tried some of the suggestions in this thread but nothing works. I can't find any sort of 'hidden songs' list. 

I have the same problem! How do I see my "hidden" songs und unhide them?!

If you have premium now and hid the song when you didn’t have premium go to the playlist with the song you hid before premium, if you didn’t delete it from the playlist, and tap the “...” on the song and hit the heart and it will add it back to the playlist and it would be unplayable anymore. 

Usually the issue seems to be the hidden songs always happen by accident. I have no way of knowing what the song was. Is there a setting to never hide songs?

I have the same problem.  This is horridly unintuitive and difficult.  Ultra-easy to "hide" and impossible to "unhide".  My scenario:  I was listening (android phone) to another person's playlist and when trying to add a song to my playlist, accidentally bumpt the "hide" button.  The song is gone from the rotation and neither on android app nor windows installation of spotify can I figure out how to get the song unhidden.  I do not remember the song name and vaguely remember the album (I think... remember it was another person's playlist).  I do not care to have to remember anything, nor drill down 6-steps to find what I need.  All I want is a list of hidden songs to unhide under settings or my library.  All of the previous suggestions to unhide songs do not work.

Ok so I had the same issue with a song. I couldn't find the hidden songs in the app. I went to the web site and logged in. On the left side menu is an option to recover playlists. You can fix it from there.

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Click on the song options and there you will find the option.

It's now in 'Your Library' 'Music' 'Hidden'. Click "-" minus sign.

android app has no "music" in the library section.

It's at the top after you select Library. You can select Music or Podcasts (at least on my version).

hmm, and now I don't see a - sign???

oh that? yeah. but theres no option for the missing track


ok so basically what you do is keep on pressing the song until it plays, then go to the full song profile, click the three dots and it should have a tab to 'show song'. It worked for me

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