Urgent - Serious crashing on every time

Urgent - Serious crashing on every time







Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


Operating System

 Android 9.0 


My Question or Issue

Every time I open Spotify I tried to back / Next / Pause / Resume always will crash showing Spotify isn't response, what happen on this issue ! I have tried reinstall or clear data and clear cache on my phone still same last time I using iPhone does have this kind of issue , Pls reply and solve my issue asap





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Found this on a Samsung forum. My s10+ was doing the same on bluetooth car/speaker/aux earphones even! It looks like a battery saving setting.

This seems to have worked...


- Open Settings
- Search for "Optimise battery usage"

- Click on "Apps not optimised" and select "All"
- Search for Spotify and disable battery optimization 

- Done!


Hope this works for you!

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