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Using Spotify menus while on a bad connection is glitchy and frustrating

Using Spotify menus while on a bad connection is glitchy and frustrating







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 This has been true for my last 2 devices running Spotify: spotify is very frustrating to use on a bad connection. When the wifi is weak or when the data connection is weak or alternating between data and wifi, Spotify will give me the green loading circle and i can't do anything, not even see or select the PLETHORA of offline music I have available. Basically, I'll have to wait 25-30 seconds for the data connection or wifi to become good enough so Spotify can load my artists and albums. Honestly, I'd much rather have Spotify show me offline songs and playlists while it fetches the rest, because MOST of my music is offline. I know you don't want users to wonder where their music is, but that could easily be fixed with a small notif like "spotify is connecting, some music may be missing." Instead of hijacking the entire UI and making me wait and not be able to do anything while it tries to load the few albums i dont care about!


I know this is possible because I have tested and setting the phone to airplane mode IMMEDIATLY stops the green loading circle and shows me my offline tracks! Just make that happen all the time, please!

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I have the same experience. I am using the subway every day and I need to start Spotify before I go down. When I start Spotify on my iPhone when I am in the subway there is very poor data connection and the application still loading data. Even music I have downloaded to my phone. It is very disturbing for me. Is there a way to switch app to be only offline for such cases? 


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