New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem


New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem








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With the new update to Spotify removing Saved Songs and replacing it with Liked Songs you can no longer have and album saved and songs from that album in your Liked Songs tab, which means I can no longer have an album saved to go back to and also a few songs from that you really like in the Liked Songs to shuffle through.


I'm all for the new changes , but if there is a way a song can both be in a saved album and Liked Songs , it would function a bit better.

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Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem

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I've noticed this problem as well. It's quite an annoying "feature". 

I don't usually listen to albums whole but random songs here and there. Now if I choose to add a whole album to my Spotify, I can't listen to my most recently added songs because they're not in my library.


Very frustrating, hope someone could help with a workaround 

Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem

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There is no work around.  


I contacted Spotify care through Twitter. After a ton of “have you tried turning it off and on” bs, they told me it was a feature. 


I explained to them that this feature was absent on desktop and they just shrugged their shoulders. 


Its here to stay unfortunately. 

Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem


Hey there @Goodmeme,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


Your saved songs will now appear in a playlist called Liked Songs, as you mention.


From now on, saving an album won’t automatically save the songs within that album but an entire album that will show up under Your Library > Music > Albums.


However, if you'd like to listen to or save individual songs from an album, you can do so! Just head to an album, tap it and locate the individual song(s) you'd like to save. You can then tap the three dot menu on the right of each song and select Save. This should add the song(s) to your Liked Songs playlist.


There's some additional helpful info regarding this in this Spotify Answer


Let us know how you get on :)

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Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem


That awnser was just terrible and provided incorrect information. 
1) "We recently rolled out a new Your Library experience for the mobile app which is more streamlined and makes it easier to find your saved music."

                      Wrong. This has made it 10000x harder to find any of my music since                           all i can see now from my saved songs is my saved albums. How is                               that  "streamlined"? I can no longer see my saved songs at all. 

2) "Under Playlists, you'll find all the playlists you're following, including radio playlists.

  • Note 1: when you like a song, it will now be saved to your Liked Songs playlist. Here, you will find any individual songs that you have saved from an album, as well as any songs that you have liked in a Made For You playlist."

                        Wrong. The liked playlist shows songs you have liked. It DOES NOT                               show saved songs. For example I have over 2000 songs saved                                     and only 17 in that liked playlist. If i want them in that playlist then i                              would need to go one song at a time and like them. OR put them in a                            new playlist and go one song at a time because the app doesnt let me                          add songs on mass into a playlist. is that streamlined?


I cancelled my sub last week after putting up with this update for a month. But please, do not sit there and give me and everone else false information. 

Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem

Casual Listener

hi - the ability to add a song from an album to my liked songs playlist only seems to work if that album is not in my library. How do I add songs to my liked playlist if that album is already in my library? I had this ability with Google music and I didn't think I'd lose that ability to do this with Spotify.

Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem


Just curious.


If I save an album, it goes into my albums tab.

If I save a song it goes into my songs tab.


Now I can shuffle my songs tab and play them all at once, like a playlist. Now that you've removed my saved albums from the songs tab, I can't do this anymore. I have to literally go into every album and save each song individually to get them into my songs tab so I can play them all at once, playlist style.


Do we not see how terrible of a user experience we've created here?

Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem

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that’s just a detour to a solution that doesn’t fix the problem

Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem

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also i don’t even have a like song a playlist available to me

Re: New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem

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Is this even a real update? If so, no, unfortunately I don't think they do see. The old system of "songs" wasn't broken. It didn't need fixing.

I was sitting here wondering if my account was bugged; "Maybe this is the non-premium UI?", since my account is doing the old "number-string instead of my real name" thing.


If my account is simply bugged, fine. I'd rather deal with that. However, the more searching I do, this seems like a drastic update to the app which replaces "songs" with "liked". Hate to say it, but this seems like a bad mistake.


I still have investigating to do. For example, some of my friends still have the "songs" section. However, searching through these forums, and interacting with the company in general so far feels like wading through mud. Haven't gotten anywhere.