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New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem


New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem







Samsung S8

Operating System



My Question or Issue

With the new update to Spotify removing Saved Songs and replacing it with Liked Songs you can no longer have and album saved and songs from that album in your Liked Songs tab, which means I can no longer have an album saved to go back to and also a few songs from that you really like in the Liked Songs to shuffle through.


I'm all for the new changes , but if there is a way a song can both be in a saved album and Liked Songs , it would function a bit better.

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You're supposed to beta test new "features" before implementing them. Often, companies listen to their communities to get an idea of what they want. Take note. Terrible update.

Yet another glaring issue with the june update. Wish spotify would admit they effed up already.

Hi, please I have 30.000 songs saved and now it's off, I always have an Itunes library and then I pass all the songs to Spotify with saved songs, where is it? Thank you

Why would you change something no asked to be changed? Obviously no one is happy about your recent updates. I understand change happens but when it affects your user base you should listen instead of giving work arounds on what we were able to once do with out questions.

Hello I found a temporary  solution , after you have downloaded the song go to your album section and a little heart will be next to it a this will put the whole album in your new playlist that spotify did with this update  called liked songs 





Oh yeah and spotify,  you should give us the option of having the two diffrent playlist,such as liked songs and saved songs 

I can't stress how terrible this change is for me. I actually thought it was a bug at first and I had lost the ability to add albums to my library. Now I have to individually add songs to this "liked playlist" I can't save entire albums and then shuffle through all the music in my library unless I curate this playlist! If I wanted to go through the trouble of curating a playlist I would have before. This is an absolutely frustrating change for me. If I want to add an entire album in order to the playlist I have to go backwards through the album one song at a time "liking" them even if I already have the album downloaded! Just let me shuffle all my music I have saved like before. Why can't I "like" and album and have it show up in the playlist in the correct order? Why do I have to do it one at a time now when I didn't before?? It feels like features have been stripped away from me and it's terribly frustrating. Can I re-order songs in the playlist or is unliking them and then liking them again the only way to change the order? I'm a bit upset about this.

This is MUCH WORSE and much more work than the old way!

Agreed that this new update is awful and completely un-intuitive, but on desktop there is a workaround to like all songs in an album. If you click a song, then hit command + A (control on PC) it will highlight all songs. Right click, and a menu pops up. It includes an option to like all songs

I think the best behavior would be: if you save an entire album, all songs should be added to 'Liked Songs'


"I think the best behavior would be: if you save an entire album, all songs should be added to 'Liked Songs'"


That WAS the default behavior, until Spotify thought they would "improve" things.  I swear, we should all give Spotify a deadline by which to revert to the old design, or give an ETA, and if they don't meet it, mass cancel.  I've heard complaints from people without even bringing it up in conversation, people who preached Spotify in the past.  They are ticking off a lot of customers.

first time posting in here


I consume a lot of albums. I want to be able to save an album on desktop and have it automatically synch with smartphone offline files.


I am now considering alternatives to spotify to spend my money.






Ditto just about everyone in this conversation. What an **bleep**-backwards move, Spotify people. Utterly ridiculous, confusing.  Bring back the SONGS list!!!  I don't need or want to see separate Albums list b/c I could already to that my looking through my SONGS list to find the album, then simply tap to play it.  I, too, will scrap my subscription and go elsewhere.

Ditto Joe Cooney.

BINGO, Wolve17!! 

I support the new system. I want to put an album in the library then hit a heart button on the songs I like and that goes into another master playlist with all of the songs I like

"I support the new system"


The "new" system could have been implemented without blowing up the old system.  They could have added additional buttons, etc, to accomplish the same new functionality.  Instead, they trashed what worked for most people.

I recently discovered this problem when I sat down to try and make a summer playlist (a bit late, I know), because I was going to go through my Liked songs to fill it out, thinking it still added songs from albums I've saved when it was called Saved Songs.


Albums from before this change are still there, but I found out that recent saved albums weren't showing up in there at all. Only if I clicked the heart would it show up here, which doesn't make sense to me. Saving an album added it to your library, where you could find all your songs or artists. In fact, it looks like saving songs was replaced by Liking them, which makes less sense to me, as the whole point of Liking should have been to save them. Why would I save something I don't like?


Now I don't even have an option to see everything I've saved unless I split them up by artist or album, making it a pain to get this playlist done. If they wanted to make some sort of "absolute favorites" list, they could have added a separate option for that. Or just, I don't know, let the user do it themselves?


In trying to make it easy for god knows who, they've made simple things more complicated. You can't just save an album and unsave a couple songs if you don't like them, as someone had previously posted. Now you have to save each song one by one if you want them to show up in the one library song list you have, which should just have all your saved content by default.


This is a pretty rough change that I can't get behind. Wondering what other streaming services I can take my money to now, since this really soured my experience.

Can I just put an update to this that will possibly confuse the f out of everyone. 


I never Update my apps. Like ever. And last month I had “saved songs” and this month it’s changed to “liked songs” and guess what, it’s changed again to “favourite songs”


The most annoying things about this is, they say they’re doing updates and with each rolling update, new features are added in BUT this just goes to show that even without updating your app, you can still get stuck with the daft stuff they “update”



Current update


@Cloadwarrior Must mean the update for the UI is from server side then. Same thing happened to me on my phone.

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