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Volume control on soundbar

Volume control on soundbar

When controlling the volume of spotify playing on my Samsung sound bar it jumps 7 levels when I hit the volume on my phone. Any tips this is quite annoying.

When I use the multiroom app from Samsung this works fine but then I need to keep switching between two apps.


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6 Replies

Having the exact same issue. Tapped the volume button twice as it was quiet and nearly woke the neighbours up as the soundbar jumped up to 15 and was deafening. Not what you want at two in the morning when your not expecting it. Makes the volume control in the Spotify app unusable with Samsung soundbar. Got the HW650 if that helps at all

Same problem here, very annoying!! 

Same bug here.

Each time I press the volume it jumps at least 5 levels and becomes loud as **bleep** instantly.

Same problem here. Can we get a fix for this? Having the volume level on like 4% on the PC app is already loud. It’s extremely hard to regulate the sound. Using an iOS device it’s impossible because the only option is “too quiet” or “way too loud”, nothing in between. If you want something in between you better look for the remote control...

Same problem here. With soundbar K-650. Spotify sets volume very high.


Interesting part is that if I connect to Samsung Speaker R3-WAM3500 seems to be ok.

How ever if I pair soundbar with multiroom speakers into 5.1 then soundbar is so loud that almost explode, and side speakers are silent.  


Whats the point for payin premium money for the service which doesnt work 😞


Same bug here.  Volume control is unusable to the point it is even dangerous to use it as you can easily damage you hearing due to SLIGHT mis-click.


I have Samsung HW-MS550.

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