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Weird noise between songs and at the end of albums. (Verizon Galaxy Nexus)


Weird noise between songs and at the end of albums. (Verizon Galaxy Nexus)

This has been happening a lot to me lately, where between tracks or at the end of an album this really loud and rather weird noise (that I can best describe as something you might hear Michael Bay's Transformers make) happens for a solid 5 seconds. It always scares the hell out  of me. I emailed SPotify support but I figured I'd try and post here as well to see if anyone else was having this issue.


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I have upgraded to Jelly bean now and uped to the latest Spotify version from Play. I have enabled the eq again and i havent hade the terrible noice yet. But now i got even worse problems, like spotify switsches song in the middle of a song (happend 10+ during a 35 minuts play time) but that will become a new bug report.

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I have the same problem. seamst to happen more often when i have a bad connection. Scares the hell out of me to because i listen to music on high volyme.

This sounds really odd, are you getting it on 3G and WiFi? What about in offline mode? What version of Spotify are you running?

Any additional info would be awesome. All helps us look into it further.

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more info.

I only use 3G, i never use wifi.

I never use offline mode.

Latest version of spotify (from Play)

Samsung Galaxy S3 latest official SW (not JB) Rooted

Operator: AllTele (virtual operator in Telias Net).


It sounds like it runns a buffer loop, like a 0,5 second loop for 3-4 seconds then a new 0,5 second loop for 2-3 seconds (and it´s really loud) in some cases it never stops. In that case i have to press stop and forward to next song and then back again.


It seems to come most when i have lower connection speed (Edge/3G) but some times also at higer (H/H+).

This started to come after the last update of the app.

I rarely use Wifi so I'm not sure if it does it on that, but It definitely happens on 3G the most and sometimes when It's switching between cell towers or dropping from 4G to 3G.

Oh man, I thought that I was going crazy. But others have this too. This happens on my SGS2 and iPhone 3GS, both are affected. The noise just differs from eachother.
Also started after the last update. Doesn't occur over bluetooth (a2dp).
I even bought new and very expensive 3m peltor ear protectors because I thought the old ones had a problem 🙂

Ooh! yes i forgott that. I always use bluetooth.

I've been having this happen when a signal drops on my 4g droid razr. It needs a disable option because I never heard this sound on my HP Touchpad / WebOS app over wifi so it something that was apparently added to the new version of the Android app.

Sorry for dissappearing, I recently got the OTA software update to Jelly Bean and thus far (fingers crossed) I haven't heard the noise again. If I do, I'll post about it.

I have this problem as well.  Sprint GS3.  I also still get silence between streamed tracks.  Spotify is about to lose my subscription and I'm going to Rdio.  Please fix it, you have one month...I can't take it anymore.

Yes this happens to me too on Samsung Galaxy S2. It was on ICS, and now also on custom OAKP rom (Jelly Bean built).


Noise between songs! It really sounds like very loud unpleasant buzz. I tested it and it even happens in offline mode.

Sometimes it goes for a second or two, but sometimes it gose on and wont stop and I have to close Spotify, or if I pause song and play again it will eventually go away.

It's really anoying, I'm premium user.


This never happens on any other music player I use, and I use many of those (PlayerPro, Pandora, Songza, 8tracks etc...).


We really need some help with this from Spotify team.

Between tracks I get horrible "clicky clicky clicky boom boom boom", songs don't play at all unless I go forward and back when streaming, and I'm really getting tired of it.  Thanks for looking into this.


Sprint GS3

I have the same sound with my SGS 2 with the latest spotify downloaded from play with that wierd transformers sound.


For me it applies when it wants to buffer during bad connection over 3G. Is there somekind of setting to change the buffersize somehow? Really need to get this sound away as it destroys my ears whenever it pops up with the high volume.



Are any of you using equalizer of some kind?


I'm having the same problem (also on SGS2), at the same time/situation (going from 3G to lower).

I think it's caused by buffering problems due to slowed connectivity, possibly exacerbated by an equalizer.


Personally I'm using the Equalizer app, and I had never had any problems until recently.

I experience the problem with the EQ, without the EQ, on the stock Samsung ROM, on BlazerROM, and on CM10. 

Out of interest what EQ are you using?

I use the default android eq.

Ok so it seems like Spotify and equalizer apps just don't get along.


Although I hadn't had any problems until recently.

I turned off the eq and haven't noticed any problems yet, to day I got an update so I will activate it again to see if it's still there.

Hey guys,


Had this problem too. It occurs wen your 3g is switching to 2g (your data). Wanted to contact spotify about it, but can not find any bug-report function.

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