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Why are random songs played when I chose an album?

Why are random songs played when I chose an album?






Samsung Galaxy 7

Operating System

(Android Oreo, .)


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When playing an album random songs will play from random artists. I don't want random songs to play, that's why I chose a specific album. I don't want any suggestions and I certainly don't want suggestions to be played. Is this a way to get people into premium, by playing things they don't want and can't skip? I already canceled premium and now I'm ready to check out a different service.



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In the settings you have a setting enabled that does so. I am not 100% sure of the name but the description says something like "play similar music". Turn that off.

I think you're referring to Autoplay; where similar tracks will play after your playlist or album is finished. I have that off, and this is happening midway though the album.

It's the way "Free" works. A Premium sub is the only solution. You can read more about free on mobile here.

Thanks for the reply. The FAQ only  mentions that playlists get suggestions, and not albums. Since I can't justify premium, and the app won't play the music I want to hear, I'll be moving on from it.

I can understand ads, and shuffle play, but wheni can't even hear what I want it's no better than Pandora.

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