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Why does spotify get stuck in a paused state?

Why does spotify get stuck in a paused state?

I use the Spotify app version on a Google Pixel 6A with Bluetooth in my car, a 2016 Prius. Most often, it works beautifully, but sometimes it just stops. The controls do not indicate that it is paused. Pressing the pause button multiple times in the app itself or on the car's display does nothing. It just seems to happen at random times. Changing to a different song doesn't help. The only thing that works is to go to Settings->apps->Spotify and do a "Force Stop". Then, if I bring the app back up, everything works fine again. Any idea what causes this, or a less brute-force fix?
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Hey @shochatd,


Thanks for reaching out.


As a first step, can you please let us know the following:

  • Have you tried reinstalling the app?
  • Are you using any battery- or memory-optimizing services on your phone?
  • Does the issue persist when using a different account? How about a different phone using your Spotify account?

Keep us posted.


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I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I see that the version is the same as before. If the problem occurs again, I will report back. Since it's an intermittent problem, it isn't clear when to consider it solved.

Sorry to report that on the 4th outing (4th time getting into the car, turning on Bluetooth and listening to Spotify), it happened again. So stuck all the way home since I don't fiddle with my phone while driving. When I got home I tried it while not in the car. It would normally play through my hearing aids in this case. But nothing. I tried the "Force Stop" trick but it did not work this time. So I took out the hearing aids and put them in their charger so they would have no Bluetooth connection to my phone. Still nothing. Finally, I tried selecting a different playlist and it started playing (through my phone's speaker). I then went right back to the one that it had frozen on and now it plays fine.

As for your second question (battery optimization), none that I'm aware of. Under Settings->Battery, it says "Battery Saver: Off".

I only have one account and I'm the only one in my household who uses Spotify.

Hi there @shochatd


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Could you let us know if this happens only while you're streaming or with your downloaded content as well?


If this doesn't happen with your downloaded content, would you mind giving a different internet connection a go to see if that makes the difference? 


On another note, you mentioned that you reinstalled the app, but have you followed these specific steps to do so? 


Lastly, could you check if the OS of your phone has any pending updates?


We'll be waiting for your reply. 

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1. I have never downloaded anything from Spotify and don't even know how. The internet connection is T-Mobile which is all my phone can use when I'm out in the car. I guess next time it happens (if it happens) I will look to see if there's anything amiss (e.g. # of bars) with my connection.

2. I had NOT followed that exact procedure, but I have now. Still version

3. "Your system is up to date"

I was out today in the car and everything was working fine for the whole trip (through the car's Bluetooth audio). Just now (at home, on WiFi) I tried playing something and it worked fine, through my hearing aids.

Well, it happened again today. I got into the car and once my phone had connected to the car's Bluetooth, I had to bring up Spotify on my phone to get the music to start. No problem there. Then I stopped to shop. While in the market I phoned my wife choosing my hearing aids to receive the audio. Back in the car, the phone connected to the car's Bluetooth again, and it showed the song playing, except it wasn't playing. It was stopped with the pause button showing so it didn't think  it was paused. I went into the Spotify app and couldn't get it to start playing (the Spotify pull-down widget said that it was sending the audio to the car). I tried selecting a different playlist. That worked, so I did not have to resort to force-stopping Spotify.

Hey @shochatd,

Thanks for your reply.

We're sorry to hear that the issue has reappeared. To troubleshoot this further, would you be willing to try the steps in this post? You can also try changing the AVRCP version of your Bluetooth as described here.

Let us know how it goes.

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Thank you for your reply. However, since these seem like fairly severe
solutions, and since the problem occurs only rarely (worked perfectly
today), I'm just going to leave it alone.

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