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Why does spotify require port forwarding

Why does spotify require port forwarding

Every streaming service I use or have used, whether music or podcast just works with wifi, period.  With many back and forths with tech they are saying I must not only open a particular port but I must open a set of ip ranges.  My router does not support this, it does not let me open particular ranges, I can only open the port.  This router has been rock solid and there is absolutely no reason to replace it to play a music streaming service. 


Do they realize most  people don't even know what port forwarding is and they expect them to do this to make Spotify even work through their router(thinking of my parents, they would be lost).  I've been a huge fan of Spotify and a paying customer for some time and I'm sick that I may have to cancel because they are making this so difficult when no other service I've seen requires this.  I can't say how many hours I've spent writing emails to tech support, running up stairs to mess with my router only to be disappointed that I cannot simply sit outside and enjoy some music like it alway used to previously-not to mention never getting gapless playback to work solidly, that is another issue altogether.  Thank for all the great music, I've loved my time with Spotify, but it may finally be time to admit defeat and try another service, we'll see.  Its sad really, I remember signing up the moment they came to the US and was so thrilled with it.


I will say, tech support for the most part has been great, they answer quickly and are detailed and concise and even gave me a free month through all the back and forth emails.

2 Replies

Hi @ghostkey,

what are You talking about? Android, iOS, desktop?

As far as I know I am not aware of any specific router settings to make Spotify work.

Can You explain better what You needed to change to make Spotify work?


Thank you!




Sorry for the confusion.  I usually post on the Android forum so I just didn't think to mention I was on a Note 3.  I'm using a Netgear JRN3210 router.  My wifi connection issues started a few months back.  After many back and forth emails with Spotify tech they finally said I needed to, and I'll quote from the email:

'Now, if you’re still having problems getting Spotify online or syncing offline, you may need to change your router settings. We recommend looking for exact instructions in your router manual or on the router manufacture support site likely under Port Forwarding.

Once in look for Port Forwarding. It may be in Advanced Settings or possibly have another name.

The following IP ranges should be open on port 4070:

The number 21 is the prefix length. Please check your manual for how to enter this correctly.'

If there is was a way for this router to do this somehow, I must pay Netgear tech support for help(I'd of course try and go through their forums to find an answer).

My router supports port forwarding, but I cannot set an IP range.

You'll find this port forward answer in various places in the forums, but getting verification from tech support made me realize it was my only choice.  The wifi issue is widely known, and has been a problem for people for a few years:

This also means that no matter where you are(a friends, house sitting etc) that their router may not work, so now you are stuck with a service you pay for that you cannot use, whereas any other services has no problem(Pandora for example).  I can get it to work once in a while by flipping off and on NAT filtering(is this really doing anything, who knows).  I can't tell you how frustrating it is to be down in my garage and want to plug into the stereo and listen to music without having to run upstairs, log into my router settings, and hope it works.  This is also true when I just want to download songs, like when I'm heading out the door and want to quickly download an album to take on the road.  I will say, on some rare occasions if I turn on Spotify and attempt to play a song even though it says offline, it may in about 5 minutes connect and start playing, strange.

I love Spotify and supporting the smaller company(compared to Google and Apple). I have been using it from the moment they came to the US, but this along with other problems* have just frustrated me quite a bit.  This is the time for Spotify to shine.

*gapless playback on the standalone player has been hit or miss for quite some time, post from Jan. 15, 2014 with no fix so far:

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