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Wildly high data usage

Wildly high data usage

A podcast stalled at 99% downloaded and somehow ate up over 4GB of data in less than an hour. This only stopped when my plan ran out of available data, leaving me data-less for the rest of the month.

This was very frustrating and need this to not happen again.

See attachment for data usage graph.

Device: Oneplus 6T,

android version: 11,

OxygenOS version:,

Plan: Premium,

Spotify version:

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4GB of data for just one podcast is not cool!! That's a lot of data.


There's one thing you could do... that is by reducing audio quality. I know that we all want the best audio quality, but the selecting higher audio quality takes more data. If you are on a metered network, it's best to select normal quality.


Mine was set to adjust when it's on mobile data or WiFi and it used 4gb in like 2 days roughly 3.5 hours. This has never ever happened to me before and I've been a premium subscriber for years now. I had to buy 1bg extra (and it's super expensive in Canada) and it used it in 1.5 hours. I'm annoyed, now I don't want to pay more and it only renews in 2 weeks!!!! 

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