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Won't let me log in


Won't let me log in

What do I do when it won't let me log into the app? It keeps saying username password wrong and then I changed the password just incase but still can't get in. I am driven demented!
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I am logging in with my facebook connection and the screen says that I have already authorized facebook and then redirects me to the login screen but does not log me in

Everytime when I press submit when I log in it says that I have already created an account already I don't understand what this means. I'm trying to log into my account not create a new one and I don't understand what to do

I tried all the steps you have mentionned. My wife and I got new phones and spotify was installed. 


We decided to use premium for one person. when I try to install spotify on her phone using this account it will not let me. Not even let me login from her phone.


I am comptuer scientist who has been working withj computers sine 1974 and I cannot figure out your screens nor can I phone you guys. This is the worse interface I have ever seen and I worked for software compaies my entire professional life.


Please let me know what I need to do.





What error message are you receiving?

Can you attach a screenshot of the issue as well?
Are you using email or username to logon?

Are you able to logon to the account via the web login?


I solved the problem by using my email instead of my username to login. Somehow that worked on both the mobile app and the website.

I am able to use my Spotify Premium, $9.99 per month charge on Credit Card recurs, on my Tablet.  When I try to login on using my Surface Pro 4 the; user name, email address and password are all unrecognized.  I keep a login/password book and write any changes down as I modify.  This account opened in May 2017, 90 days at $.99 and now I see a recurring $9.99.  Want to use spotify on my computer/phone in addition to my tablet.  

This is so anoyng I have even tryed making a whole new account still doesnt work

abby 2.jpg

I've tried everything said here but it still disconnects me... I log in with my username and it shows me the front page for 2 seconds and then it disconnects me again

Plz help!!

Same thing happens to me. I've changed my password like 3 times and now it completely shuts me out. It keeps saying "unable to login" I've tried both username and email and still no luck. 

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it let me log in

Yeah I've done that twice still doesn't work

Since the new update, I'm having the exact same issue. I cannot log in with my email, username or Facebook. I updated my password. I am able to log in on PC, and that's about it. I uninstalled and reinstalled, did not help. Quite frustrated. 

Same it's really annoying. Hopefully it's just a bug and they can fix it soon

SAME **bleep** I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO LOG IN ALL DAY AND I'VE BEEN GOING CRAZY. I have tried uninstalled, reinintalled many times, changed my password 3 times, tried to log in with facebook, nothing is working :(((( 

I also recieve this problem, but I use Facebook to log in and can only use facebook. It just keeps giving me an error. I can, however, get on Spotify on my computer. I don't really understand what might be happening.

As of  March 5th, I was logged out and unable to log back into the app. I'm only able to log into my account over the browser. I too, changed my pw multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice, I tried my email and user name (both the email without the and the 12 character username found in my account overview). Nothing! And I don't have FB so can't try that even if I wanted to. I might take this as a sign to move on to  Apple Music or even give Tidal a try. 

Same!!! I am able to log in on my dekstop browser and desktop app but it has completely shut me out from the phone app! I log in, I see 2 seconds of the screen and it logs me out immediately saying incorrect password! 

Me too i can login in my pc but in the app it says username password uncorrect

tried with email and username also tried changing password

You need to uninstall spotify then install the official app from Play.

I have this problem now and it's getting annoying . I login using only my username and password on my phone, online, and my gaming systems and I can't login to any of them. How can I fix this?


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