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Wrong song info in my cars infotainment

Wrong song info in my cars infotainment

Since a few updates ago my infotainment system in my car, a WV Tiguan 2015 mod. is constantly showing the previous song info in the car display. It starts with the correct song info, but when the next song starts, it still shows the previous song info until the 3rd song starts. Then the 2nd songs info is displayed, and so it continues if I continue to play. It always show 1 song behind until I quit Spotify and restart it. Then it shows the 1st song correct again, but when the 2nd song starts it's 1 behind again. If I skip a song or select the previous song, it's stills displays 1 song behind. I have not made any updates in my cars infotainment system, and it has worked correct until an Spotify update that came sometime in last fall 2017.

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I had the same the same problem on a toyota yarris, however it hasn't been recurent. I asked my car forgot the device it was pairing with. I did the same on the phone. Then I paired them again. I made sure that neither Spotify or Itunes were opened on my iphone and paired them again. 
It's been working fine since then. But when problems like this do persists I uninstal the app on y devices and instal them again. 

Tried that, didn't work. But I have nerrowed it down to it could be an issue with my mobile. I have a Sony Xperia XZ Premium and when I tried my work mobile that is a Samsung Galaxy A3 it worked as it should. They have the same Android OS ver. and the same version of Spotify, so it must be related to the Sony OS then.. 

I am not an android user so this is gonna be a wild guess but what if you restore your device to its original setting and then restore it to the latest back up ? if it's an option that could fix  your issue. 

Let us know what you find out ! 

Resetting my phone just to fix this is not what I want to do to fix this issue. If an update doesn't fix this I will just let it be until I either upgrade my phone or get a new car. 

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