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Yet another iOS update!

Yet another iOS update!

Just to rub salt in the wounds of us poor (but still paying for a Premium Subscription) Android users, Spotify have now released yet another iOS update without any sign of anything happening on the Android front...!/nevyn/status/191974367494807552


This is how long we Andorid users have been waiting for an update...


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Wow, we're quickly approaching HALF A YEAR!


It's a testament to how much people really want to like Spotify and would rather use it than buy CDs or pirate that the Android users are still here ... or perhaps it's that there's no similar alternative in countries like the UK. Here's waiting for the RDIO launch so I can check it out

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

here is a uk alternative. the new napster service is the same price, offers android app and desktop and a similar catalogue. it's not the old pirate service but a new legal version powered by rhapsody. i'm gonna switch until spotify improves.

Or Deezer - 2 weeks premium use free, then similar pricing structure there after.


The Android app looks real nice, and hasn't crashed once while I've been trying it out

Sorry but the Napster Software is even worse ... Not an option.

@licenced wrote:

Wow, we're quickly approaching HALF A YEAR! 



Actually, I would contend that it is now ONE WHOLE YEAR since Spotify's Android app was updated with anything remotely significant:


The Autumn 2011 updates were to enable Facebook logins and additional language support, neither of which I saw any benefit from. The only possible new feature in that time was the addition of the "Private Listening" mode and that wasn't even a planned change.

Hey guys,


We're happy to announce that a Preview of the new Android app is available at


Give it a go and let us know what you think!

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Woo hoo!

Just installed it. Total change - going to take some getting use to, but it is so much quicker than the Napster software. Going to cancel my 14 day napster trial as it doesn't look like I need to switch.

At first glance this looks fantastic, well done team Spotify Android!


HQ streaming, read/write share comments, subscriber counts... dare I say it, this seems BETTER than the iPhone version Smiley Happy


Hopefully folder support, and a widget will make it to the official version.

It looks pretty, good! Still a few things though...

We are still missing playlist folders and the ability to rearrange tracks in playlists, before we get up to parity with iOS. Also, the home screen widget seems to have disappeared, and it would be nice if you implemented lock-screen controls like 99% of all other music players written for Android ICS (take a look at TuneIn radio as a good example).

What is the recommended procedure if you want to change all your offline tracks from High quality to Extreme quality?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to start a specific thread to gather feedback on this preview release?


Update: Forget that last bit, I just realised there is a thread over in the Spotify Announcements forum.

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