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[Your Library] Prevent Order of Playlists In A Folder From Being Altered By Spotify

[Your Library] Prevent Order of Playlists In A Folder From Being Altered By Spotify

I have over 6,000 synced local songs. On the desktop, I'm putting the songs from each local album in a playlist and  then moving all of the playlists in alphabetical order into a folder. I doing this to make it easy to find an album's playlist in the the folder.  But, on Android, when I play a song in one of these playlists, Spotify moves the playlist to the top of the folder, thus disrupting my order and defeating my purpose.  


Please do something to stop recently played playlists being moved to the top of a folder.  It's very frustrating to do all of this work, only to have Spotify disrupt it.

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The idea/post you mentioned has been close because it didn't gather any vote. So Spotify closed it.

It is however obvious on the comments that this bug (because yes, it is a bug ) is very frustrating for people using folder, and that is going on since may 2021, so 4 month now (!).

Aguain, I'm gonna try to write that as simply as possible, so you guys at Spotify finally accept that we are all talking about a bug.

Filter and order (for example:playlist, downloaded, custom order) are working well and as intended in the main playlist menu.
However, if i go into one of my folder, the filter and order selection doesn't work anymore.

With that being said: this is obvious as **bleep** that this is a bug. And all the comments here are showing you how this need to be fixed, because it's an essential part of the Spotify experience.

Please, I hope that this time you listen, understand, and take action.

In 4 month, I'm tired of waisting time writing here. If in 1 month this bug is still here, I'm switching to apple music because this is a blatant lack of professionalism on your end.


Hey @remiorange


Thanks for your reply. 


It's expected that the filters applied to Your Library on mobile won't affect the order of playlists within a folder, as these are automatically sorted by recently played and there's no option inside the mobile app to sort them.


We understand that you'd like to have the ability to control and edit the order of the items on folders, but right now the only way to make this happen is through the idea that @Mafe previously mentioned. Even though the idea has the status "Closed - Not Enough Votes", it's still open for voting and Spotify will look into it if it reaches the necessary amount of votes. 


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here. 



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So you guys basically broke how folder work in the android app? (Filter and sorting filter were working well within folder until may 2021).




Just answer me this question please : if i put my playlist into folders,  isn't that then clear that i also need to be able to sort it out and filter it how i want it to be? 






I'm sorry but this is as stupid as if Microsoft went on to remove sorting  filter on folders in windows and then call it an update when it's just obvious that the developers just made a mistake.




Sometimes, it's good to accept that you make a mistake and then at least try to fixt it.






This whole speech of : "it's suppose to work this way" is just an excuse that you as a Spotify moderator/worker use to explain something that doesn't make sense.


And it's unbelievably frustrating to see that a  Spotify pr is not even ready to acknowledge that. 




That's the last time I write here, i already lost too many time. 


The only reason you guys are not fixing that asap is because not so many people know about/are using folder in Spotify so you just think "well it's not a big deal". 


And this right here, is what I call a lack of professionalism, on Spotify end, and on your end.





your "this" link took me to a page that tells me access denied, and "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action. Click your browser's Back button to continue."

id like to know a possible solution to this, thanks 

oops just realized theres an entire second page of replies, great, i get whats happening now, good ol incompetence ha, oh well.

id like to add as of right now, this bug has changed ever so slightly (BUT STILL INFURIATING NONETHELESS) 

2 of my 4 devices now have folders sort by alphabetical, which is good, but the rest are both still permanently stuck with "recent"

after some fkin around i found that all 4 of them are actually stuck with their individual sorting method, if i change it, click into a song, back out, the sorting will revert to what it was! whether its alphabetical or recent!

all spotify apps on my android devices are up to date as well by the way 

i know all it takes is an extra step, just change it every time i open the app, but come on, you guys showed its possible to fix, why yall gone and broke it again?

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