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artists missing from library

artists missing from library





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most of my artists have dissaeared from my library, yet, the songs and albums are still there.

it seems like i can no longer see in the "artists" category all the artists i have save songs by, but only the artists I am "following" (presssed the follow button)

untill yesterday, if i had saved a song by an artist, i could have found the artist (and the songs ive saved) in my library.
I still can find the songs via the "songs" category, or search them on the search tool, but i want to be able to see all my artists.

is this a problem only im having? did this happen because of some update? do i need to follow every artist i want to see in my library?

ps. The problem also happend on my desktop, not only on the phone app.

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im having the same issues!! my artists list is gone
before i can search via artists for my downloaded songs
now they are all compiled in one playlist named Liked Songs!

They disabled the Your Music feature and replaced it with favorite music. The artists that show up on the artists tab are the ones you follow, not the ones in your library anymore.

They need to bring the library back.

I'm so bummed about losing the library feature :'(

It's annoying because even when you follow them you can't just see what songs you have from that artist. It treats it like you searched for them and you get their artist page. I have no clue why they thought it was a good idea to remove the your music artist library.

I guess it’s part of the update. **bleep**. Hope they realize how dumb this was.

I had the same problem and it's serioulsy pissing me off so badly. Spotify is ruined if they take away the library and artists, etc. If it stays like this, looks like I will be switching to Apple Music lol.

So not cool. Definitely hope Spotify takes things back to the way it was. 

Hey there @moshiko75 !


This is a part of the new update. You can read more about the changes here. Hope it helps!

This update absolutely blows. Instantly ruined the way I use spotify. The all or nothing approach makes no sense whatsoever. I listen to music by clicking on the artist and listening to the songs saved there. Now that's completely gone, I have to access via albums. But some, like say the White Album, only exist as super deluxe editions with 50 plus songs including demos and outtakes, which I am not interested in. All this despite the 10,000 cap still being in place. 


So dumb. 

The same thing has happened to me and other members of our household. We rely a lot on being able to search for/through artists of our saved songs. It is greatly disappointing to see that this feature has been taken away. I sure hope Spotify will choose to bring it back!

Same thing happening to me and it sucks big time!!!

Absolute joke, if it's not returned by my next payment date, they can shove it and I'll dig out my old mp3 player, possibly one of the dumbest ideas ever, who seriously thinks its a good idea to take an app in a backwards direction, on the plus side fifteen quid a month saved 

Really not okay this change. I've been with Spotify since I got my first smartphone back in 2009/2010, always premium. Togheter with the 10.000 songs cap, this makes me seriously thinking about if I need to look for another provider.

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