consuming 3G data

consuming 3G data


I have installed tbe preview version for Android on my s3. I have configured it not to use 2G/3G for streaming or snchronizing. However, I have found that spotify has consumed about 60 Mb of data.

Have I missconfigured something?

Appart from this, the Android version is great!! Good job!

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As far as I am aware, the setting in the menu will only restrict syncing tracks over 2G/3G.

I've also popped your message over to the Android board - The Contribution board is more discussion about this Community.
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Hi R.


A possible solution for you would be to install the battery saver app called JuiceDefender...


While helping you make your battery last longer, it also has a feature to automatically turn off  2G/3G data while you are connected to Wi-Fi.

I raised this with the beta and it hasn't been fixed

Only 'solution' is to used Offline mode while on mobile data
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