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display number of songs in a playlist

display number of songs in a playlist






( Samsung Galaxy)

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Hi, I have a question: After an update it isn´t no longer shown on my mobile phone (android, Samsung)  how many songs are in one playlist. This is now only possible on my desktop. Are there any ideas how to see ist on my mobile? Kind regards




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Not sure if anyone needs this solution anymore, but here’s one that works. It’s kinda an annoying way to see the number of songs in your playlist, but it does indeed tell you. Click on your playlist that you want to count the songs, click the download icon, then go to downloads and see the progress. It’ll tell you downloading song 6 of 720 for example. So there’s your answer, 720 songs. Then delete the downloads. Like I said, kinda annoying, but you shouldn’t have to do it that often. Enjoy!

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