downloads being deleted and downloaded music won't play


downloads being deleted and downloaded music won't play




Spotify continually deletes all my downloaded music or will not let me play downloaded music. I just got a new phone last week (LG G Vista) and downloaded all my music (1200 songs). I tried to play my downloaded music Friday but it said an Internet connection was needed. All my music showed the green downloaded icon- shouldn't that play offline? When I just looked at my music now, none of it appears downloaded and Spotify started downloading all 1200 songs again. I have searched high and low for an answer to this and can't get Spotify to stop this behavior. I have changed the quality of the music downloads and deleted the cache several times. I think I read another forum post where something had to be done on Spotify's side to fix this issue. Help!

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I reported the problem to Spotify Tech Support yesterday, and they sent me the instructions to supposedly fix the problem  I followed all of the instructions and reset the offline device (via the web), downloaded and re-install the lastest Spotify Version for Android (Kindle Fire). I set Storage to SD Card and I re-downloaded my 850 "saved songs" (for the 10th time). I checked several times to see if my downloaded songs were still there, and they were still there. GREAT!!  Then 5 hours after the re-install I checked and all 850 songs were deleted again and Storage switched from SD card to Device.


 This has been happening to Users since 2012, and is still happening.  Not fixed after 4 years.  I don't think that any Spotify Technicians even bother looking at Community Posts to see what problems users are having.  I think I will be cancelling my premium account!! 


Any suggestions of other music services that  provide streaming via wifi to home entertainment systems or wifi speakers.  I checked out Amazon Unlimited Music, but it doesn't look like they provide this feature.