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free streaming for tablets

free streaming for tablets

I just installed spotify on my nexus7 to find that in order to stream anything you need premium. I have been using spotify for free on. My laptop for over a year now and I amdissapointed at the fact that to stream my playlist I have to upgrade to premium. What I don't understand is why? Is it just a way to make money or is it something else, because I connect my tablet to the internet the same way I do my laptop. So data usage is not a concern.
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Tablets tend to run the same operating system as some smartphones, and therefore would use the same Spotify application. Currently, we would classify the tablet as a mobile device as well, which would require a Premium subscription in order to use. 

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Why is it that they only offer free radio though? I honestly wouldn't mind listening to a couple of ads every now and then so long as I could stream my music. I still hear ads by radio too which makes it kind of a bummer, also considering limited skips...

I too would also be okay with having limited skip and ads. with all the media programs now a days it's hard to keep up with all the bills as it is so please consider some sort of free service for Spotify on tablets. Thank you.

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