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hard reset on android

hard reset on android

I had to do a hard reset on my Moto E, and after reinstalling Spotify, all the musoc I had saved to my sd card dors not shoe up under downloaded music. Its definitely still on the card. Is there a way to import it so i dont have to re-download a bunch and take up more space on my sd?
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From what I understand the default location for spotify saved songs is /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/


If you have the music on your SD card then simply copying the data from the SD card to the default storage location should fix your issue. As I am unsure as to where you have stored your music on your SD card then you are on your own there.


If this does not fix the issue then you may just have to redownload the music again.


You can use many programs to copy the files, but I recommend ES File Explorer.

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