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how to sync my folders to Android?

how to sync my folders to Android?

I have all of my playlists organized in folders. When I sync everything to my Android, all the playlists show up in one long, crazy, unweildy list. Is there no way to get it to keep the same folder structure on my Android?

Thanks for any advice.

5 Replies

Folders should synch to you android with the exception of downloaded playlists which appear in their own section. What app version are you using and could you post a screenshot if you're seeing something different?

Hi, the folders do appear at the bottom of the list, but first comes the Downloaded playlists list which is crazy long and takes forever to scroll past to get down to the folders. If only there were a way to hide this list!

I agree. I finally found the idea relating to this. I'm amazed that it still has almost no support though 😞

I posted a reply in the Idea thread, thanks. I cannot believe this has been reported last year and still not addressed...

Only 15 supporters - they won't do anything with so few. I'm hoping that Collections will help once it reaches us on android.

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