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no thumb down in Radio.. it's 2020!!!

no thumb down in Radio.. it's 2020!!!

Premium on Android (latest/updated app).


Just got back into premium.. can't believe it what a let down for basic stuff, all the times I switch back to Spotify. I hate you!


So I love to listen to radios for discovering new music.

Started a radio, found a nice "heart" button to press when I like certain songs, but when I want to avoid certain songs to be played again there's no "thumb down" button or nothing like it.


2020: the year spotify still sucks for basic features... jeez put your act together!!!




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I was thinking of giving Premium another shot but since being able to train my Radio Station is what I used the most, no thanks. I’ll stick with Amazon Music. Spotify is a better service but if we can’t make a radio station play & stop playing songs, I’m not coming back. I can’t believe Thumbs Up & Down wasn’t a popular feature in Spotify. Bring it back!

I wanted to switch from Youtube music to Spotify but not being able to dislike a song makes the service worthless. I'm forced to listen to **bleep** from "curators." Probably won't even listen through my free trial.

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