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offline playlists suddenly no longer saved

offline playlists suddenly no longer saved

Just got on the bus for a 2 hour drive, only to realize that I suddenly have no music. The 10 or so playlists I had marked for offline use on my Desire Z are no longer set to offline. They were there some days ago and I have changed nothing since then. Used them extensively in the past without any problems.Have 3 devices connected to my premium account with no recent changes. No notifications of any sort.
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I'm having the same problem with my HTC One X. It was happening on my old HTC desire as well. I upgraded to the new beta version to see if it helped, but I'm still having problems. I subscribed to spotify premium so that I could use it on the train on my commute, so the fact it has not been working properly for a couple of months is extremely frustrating. If this isn't fixed I will be unsubscribing as it defeats the point of me having premium membership!

I'm trying a sync with the desktop over wifi to see if this fixes the problem. Will let you know if it does. Not ideal as this would mean that I would be unable to keep a playlist on my phone unless I were connected to the same wifi network as my desktop which is not so good whilst away anywhere...

Well that was a waste of time. Within 10 minutes of disconnecting from the wifi network, my playlists were gone again. Anyone from spotify know what's going on here, and can I have two months of my money back please!!!!!

I got a similar problem, after every update all my downloaded tracks are gone and I have to redownload it again. Really frustrating. 

And I got it again after connecting it to an other WiFi network. 


Again all downloaded playlists gone. Seriously, when does this get  fixed? This is really annoying. 

I'm f*cked by that aswell... had them yesterday evening as I went home (i'm sure, I was listening to them), and this morning, gone... I need them back someway, in 2 hours, because I NEED my music at work..... I'll die otherwise :S

I was able to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  Seems like upgrading over the beta was the cause of this issue, at least for me.

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