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playing a full album in order on premium trial?


playing a full album in order on premium trial?

Am tossing up between spotify and google all access but i can't seem to be able to play an album in full on android app with premium subscription. There only seems to be an option to shuffle songs from an album.


It seems i can make a playlist in the right order but that requires manually queueing each song which is unacceptable for me.


Can someone please tell me i am missing something or else i will be going with google all access.



I am using a galaxy s2 with a custom biftor rom.

23 Replies

The issue is back! I can't believe it. Renewed Premium thinking I want to listen to albums in order again. NOPE. Only the big shuffle button and guess what, if you click the first song of an album and the song finishes, it still shuffles the whole thing!!! What is wrong with you people at Spotify??

Having to select the first nummer of an album to get Spotify to play in the normal order is silly beyond belief.
Have never seen such a massive bug in an expectedly mature mass app.

I am having the same issue.  iPhone 6 running  iOS 10.00.0.  Spotify v6.8.0.3786 - just updated.  I go to an album and click the first song.  The first song plays and then it shuffles.  

No it’s only stuck on shuffle and it not only shuffles through the album itself it shuffles through the artist’s entire discography. So it’s basically random.

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