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"Add to Your Episodes" does not do anything

"Add to Your Episodes" does not do anything





Samsung Galaxy S10+


Operating System

 Android 12


My Question or Issue

On Android, if you follow the notification for a podcast and try to add it your episodes, the "Add to Your Episodes" does not do anything. It looks really novice and ugly because if you look at your "Your Episodes", the button indeed adds it your episodes. Is this an intended outcome that it gives no feedback as to whether it is added or not and the notification does not disappear? If so, this is really disappointing to see a company like Spotify to have such a workflow for a notifications. If not, this is clearly a bug.

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Hi there @ukergin!


Did you notice this after a recent Spotify/OS update? Just to confirm, have you tested if the other buttons still work on your end? If you haven't already, try performing a clean reinstall of the app to see if that does the trick. In case the issue persists, please share the exact version of Spotify you're running.


Cheers 🤘

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Hello @Yordan, this has been going on for months. So, it has nothing to do with the recent update. As for the other buttons, Play seems to start playing the episode, but has no effect on the notification itself. It really seems like the engineering team has not given a single thought as to what happens when/after a user presses/interacts with the notification options. I am attaching the screen recording for the behavior of Play button in the notification bar. And, I also tried clean reinstall after cleaning all files/cache, uninstalling the previous one as well. The version I am using is

Also, do you know why Spotify podcast notification have green and greyed out Spotify icons at the same time? Why are some of them green and some others are grey? Attaching a screenshot for this one as well.

Screenshot_20240412_190532_One UI Home.jpg

Hey @ukergin,


Thanks for your reply and for the info shared.


We were able to replicate some of the details of the behavior you kindly mentioned, but we'd like to gather further info.


Just to confirm, when you tap Add to Your Episodes, even if you don't get any confirmation/notification, did you notice if the episode is added any way? It'd be awesome if you could check. From our side, we did not receive confirmation, but the episode was indeed added to Your Episodes folder.


In that order of ideas, if you tap on Download, does the episode download? This'll help us narrow down this behavior better. Meanwhile, we'd suggest making sure your device's OS is up-to-date. If there are any pending updates for your OS mobile device, try installing them to see if you notice any difference.


On another note, we'd like to investigate further the color of icons on your notification panel. Would you mind expanding those notifications (one green and one gray) and taking screenshots, so we can take a closer look?


Lastly, we couldn't replicate the issue regarding the background color of the widget. Just to confirm, does this continue to happen? Make sure you're running the latest Spotify version available. To do it, go to the Play Store, and check if you notice an Update button when looking for Spotify.


Keep us in the loop!

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Hello @AlejaR, thanks for getting back to me.

As I indicated above, yes, it is indeed added to Your Episodes, but no feedback whatsoever on the notification. This is the same behavior as Download. It downloads, but the notification sticks as if your tap did not do anything. I am not sure why/how the developers have missed this side of the app. Normally an app would at least give you some info like "Added.." maybe together with "Undo".


My OS is up-to-date (Android 12, which is the latest on Galaxy S10+) and so is my Spotify (version =


As for the podcast episode notification icons being green and grey at the same time, I cleared those notifications. Once I get those again, I'll expand and take screenshots for you.


I am not sure what you mean by "the background color of the widget". I never mentioned anything about widgets. Which problem are you referring to exactly?



Hey @ukergin


Thanks for getting back to us and for the feedback.


We'd like to mention to keep in mind that this specific widget functionality could vary between devices/OS`. As you mentioned the general function is operating, its adding the episode to your list. As for the confirmation within the widget itself we will pass along your feedback to the correct team for it to be looked over, however we cannot promise when and what actions will be taken upon this review. 



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Dear @martinT, as I said previously I am not talking about widget. This is not about a widget. This is about Spotify notification at the top. Widget is something you add to your home screen and this is not about a widget and/or its background color. When you tap on a notification button, you'd be shown info as to what happened when you tapped. At least this what happens for 99% if not more of the other apps on android. Yes of course the function is working, but it is weird for a company like Spotify to have ignore as to what happens when you tap on a notification option button. Of course it could vary between devices, but at least it would tell you what happened for all users. It is Spotify's responsibility to provide a seemless and logical experience for all users. 


Again, this is not a widget subject

Here is a screen recording for Gmail notification button action, for example. After you tap delete, it shows you what happens and provides you an option for "undo". And this is not a widget.

Hey there @ukergin


Thanks for getting back to us and all the info you've sent so far. 


Apologies for the confusion. We've passed this info on to the right team to be looked into. We'll let you know as soon as we have any news about it. 


Cheers 🙂

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Hello @Eni, thanks for the information. 


Also, @AlejaR wanted to see the expanded screenshots for the different colored notification icons for podcasts. I am attaching them as well. Any ideas why this is the case?

Screenshot_20240426_135506_One UI Home.jpg

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