"Go online to see menu" issue

"Go online to see menu" issue


Hi all,


I'm having an issue with the Spotify app on my phone (actually loaded on my SD card because I have so much music downloaded) that frequently when I am trying to use the menu (go to artist, add to playlist, etc.) it will spool for a few seconds and then say "Go online to see menu", but I am always online when this occurs (usually via wifi, playing a song not in my library/downloaded).


It's not every time that I receive this error, but it's frequent enough that I'm frustrated, because each time it happens I have to quit and restart the app entirely for it to work properly.


Anyone else having this issue? Any workarounds? I've redownloaded once since this started and it didn't fix the issue, hoping not to redownload again due to the aforementioned "so much music" (5,000+ songs).


Thanks in advance!

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