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"Hey Spotify" feature not working on Android


"Hey Spotify" feature not working on Android

Hello. I updated my Spotify and activated the "Hey Spotify" feature but nothing happens when I say "Hey Spotify..." with the app open AND after updating it. Normal voice search works and mic permission is on. I tried deactivating and then reactivating it but no results. I don't see the options under Voice that I think I should be seeing. Force closing and opening also did not help. I'm on a Samsung and in the US.


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Hey @oliver2711,


Thanks for getting back to us.


We'll need more information in order to investigate this further.


Could you please share with us the troubleshooting steps that you've tried so far? That will help us get a better overview of the issue.


Keep us in the loop. 

Ver Moderator
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@Ver my troubleshooting steps have already been shared, above.

Hi @oliver2711,


Thank you for your swift reply.


After reviewing the previous posts, we can see the steps weren't posted before. 


In any case, we did some research and can confirm that the microphone button is a feature that Spotify is testing. Spotify often tests improvements and new features for its content, this means you might not see something on the app that someone else does, or get a new feature to try temporarily. You can read more about it here.


If you have any other questions, feel free to share them with us!

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Is this supposed to be a solution? Or are you just saying "we're working on it" without acknowledging that it is a problem?" It's still a problem. I've had Spotify for years and wanted Hey Spotify to work but it never has, no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall or clear cache or get a new phone or whatever else. Bummer it's still not fixed, because I might purchase premium if it worked like it should, but I'm not that confident in it.

Why do you "moderators " keep asking for more "troubleshooting" info on every post? After reading this entire string, it is quite clear that all of the info that you have requested has been provided multiple times! This is clearly something that worked when I first signed up for Premium service and is now NOT working. Why is it not working now? This feature was one of the reasons I subscribed! This issue is why I will cancel!

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Hey folks,


Thanks for your reply in this thread 🙂

We really appreciate your feedback, we know you want to make the best out of your listening experience.


At Spotify, we’re always working to deliver features that our users love. In order to make way for future innovations, we will be removing the current “Hey Spotify” voice feature within our app. Users will be able to easily access other voice assistants from our integrated partners on their mobile devices. For more information visit our support pages.

We'll be here if anything else comes up. Once again, thanks for the feedback.

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Samsung S10+

Android Version 12


Spotify Version

I too am having the SAME issue.  I have used “Hey Spotify” in my car up until I upgraded from a single Premium Plan, to a Family Plan.  I have not changed ANYTHING else, and all my phones permissions are  still enabled for it.  The microphone icon is missing from search where it once was, and now the “Hey Spotify” no longer works.  Please don’t tell me you now have to also buy a “Car Thing” device in order to be able to use the “Hey Spotify” functionality.  I even uninstalled, and re-installed, and cleared the cache. I am quite miffed.

Seems now you will have to enable Google Voice Assistant or Siri in order to use these functions on our cell phones now. That is likely, unless you want to purchase their “Car Thing” for $50.00 in order to be able to use it.  The more plausible theory.

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    Samsung Note20

    Operating System



    In the search bar there used to be a little microphone icon that when pressed would activate voice search ability. This microphone icon has recently ceased to exist for no apparent reason which for me is quite irritating. From when the mic icon was there to when the mic icon wasn't I myself changed nothing in settings of either the app or my phone. I do not recall if an update happened between those two times though. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the mic icon has yet to come back. Again, quite irritating. I use this feature when driving because I do not wish to risk getting into an accident simply to find a song. I did see something online that said to press and hold the search icon on the bottom but this yield nothing. 


I was just looking for an answer to that question.  I'm having the same issue. Also I used to be able to voice search just by saying "Hey Spotify ", but that seems to have disappeared as well.  Please someone help us. I can't use Spotify anymore if there's no voice search option.

What a foolish thing to remove. So I have to open alexa to change songs without touching the app now?  So I have to use my phone to open alexa....while driving.  Instead of just saying "hey spotify"

Wow. That's disappointing. Removing popular features your customers desire. Is Spotify becoming Xfinity?

That really stinks if you ask me. If you're already in the app and you want to voice search you have to use Google assistant outside the app. That is just stupid. How is that easier or better than tapping the microphone icon in the search bar within the app?

Sorry, but removing that feature is likely going to be a deal breaker for me. I've had Spotify premium for years. Removing this function is downright stupid. Whoever in your company that thought this was a good idea could not have been more wrong. I will be looking into your competitors and when I find one that allows a voice search within their app I will be switching. Think about how idiotic it sounds when you say your app allows you to search for any song or artist you would like to hear while you drive but you must use Google, Siri, or Alexa, etc. to do it. I wonder how the artists that provide content for your app feel about that. If I was one of them I would be furious. 

That's not a solution or even an explanation.  

Why would you remove a feature that so many users depend on all the time? Sometimes you just can't get the right song from the Google Assistant or Alexa. Hey Spotify was the most direct and accurate way to control the Spotify app from within the car. It was a terrible decision for your customers for you to remove that useful feature. 

This just hit my Car Thing as well, which I guess explains why it was on sale when I got it. I still enjoy the display and preset buttons, but the voice option was so much better on Car Thing than my phone. I hope a new version is in the works!


This sucks, I want the "hey Spotify" back. Other voice assistants are garbage

Hey Spotify,


Why would you remove hey Spotify on your Android app?  To sell your car thing?  No way am I buying that.  I have an awesome mount on my dash for my phone for Google maps/Spotify usage, I'm not going to mount a second device on my dash.  


I love your service and have been a premium user for years.  It is mind boggling to me that you would make your app less safe by requiring more clicks/typing on order to find music while driving.  All to sell more product?  I am really upset about this and there are many others with me (just read the comments here).  


Fix it Spotify.

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