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"Hey Spotify" feature not working on Android


"Hey Spotify" feature not working on Android

Hello. I updated my Spotify and activated the "Hey Spotify" feature but nothing happens when I say "Hey Spotify..." with the app open AND after updating it. Normal voice search works and mic permission is on. I tried deactivating and then reactivating it but no results. I don't see the options under Voice that I think I should be seeing. Force closing and opening also did not help. I'm on a Samsung and in the US.


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I have the same problem I'm on a Samsung tablet and the Spotify assistant just disappeared I can't even find it in my settings 


I am a Family Premium user for 2 years now, and I don't understand why Spotify removed the "Hey Spotify" feature from the Android app... It just does not make sense to me at all.  If I understand correctly, "Hey Spotify" is a feature on the Car Thing, so it can't be a safety issue.  What is a safety issue is my ability to talk to my Android Spotify app while driving my car.  I used to simply say "Hey Spotify" and command it to play my music of choice.  It was great, and I was able to keep my hands on the steering wheel and my eyes on the road.  Now I have to reach to my dash-mounted phone to manually type the info in the Search box (can't even finger touch a mic and then talk) which takes my hand and eyes off the road... very frustrating and dangerous indeed.  I should mention that "Ok Google" and many other apps have a least a workable mic icon.  I thought I was missing something with my setups, but it appears that the feature was taken away (although it is still mentioned in the Care Mode features on Spotify Help) on the Android but still a feature on the Car Thing.  And why do I need a Car Thing?  I already have a dash-mounted Samsung and Android Auto.  Just don't see the need (or want) another device hanging off the dash (and that needs to be plugged in too... for power???).  Anyway, I find this very disappointing.  I'm hoping I am wrong in my findings and someone with show me how to get "Hey Spotify" working on my Android (Samsung S22) again.     

Very disappointing... the "Hey Spotify" feature should have never been removed from the Android app.  And to think I can get it back with the Car Thing.  Why would I want a Car Thing when I already have a dash-mounted Android (Galaxy S22) Without the "Hey Spotify", I now have to manually type in the Search box while I am driving... very dangerous indeed.  So many of my other apps have voice support (Ok Google, Ford Sync) and Spotify had it.  It doesn't make sense.  Very disappointed.  I been a Premium Family subscriber for 2 years now... might consider a new service.  Please bring it back ASAP.  Thanks. 

Bring it back, Please, you want to be innovative with your app that was innovative it halp me out when my hands were not free please bring it back.

Whhhhy no " hey Spotify" man that was the best thing about this app. Ok I lie just that once, I love this app for so many reason! Hey Spotify was just the very top reason once it came out. I am just so active and now with it gone it's a dang pain! I dont even have any voice setting in my Spotify settings! What the hecky yo

Ps. the tilted logo DOES not offer more personality nor does it look more organic. It makes me think about what is going to go wrong next. First the " I hate ocd people" logo I looked past, then "hey Spotify" is gone completely. Just thinking if my ex is right about Pandora 

I find this to be a bad move in the way of safety. Why would you remove a hands-free option like this for driving. Doesn't seem very smart on spotifys part. But hey new innovations...

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