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"Your running mix" playlist unavailable

"Your running mix" playlist unavailable

The "Your running mix" playlist by Spotify (the one that matches your running pace with your own music's tempo) is unavailable for my account. It does not appear when I go to the "Running" genre, neither when I search for it in the "Search" tab. I have checked if I can find this playlist on my other account and apparently it was present, so it must be a problem with the account I'm using in particular. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? I don't want to switch to the other account.
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Hey @eszelegeszelekk, welcome to the community!


Thanks for getting in touch with us, we'll do our best to help you out.


Just to confirm, what Android and Spotify version are you using? Also, around how long ago did you open the new account?


It could take a couple of weeks for the Spotify app to start suggesting songs you like, based on your listening history. Since you're using a new account, your listening habits start from scratch.


Keep us posted.


“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
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Hi @Alfredo !
Thanks for replying to me.
My Android version is 7.0 and my Spotify app version is I have opened this account at around the end of January.

Was this problem fixed? I have the same issue, I started my account a month ago, but still didn't have such playlist as Running Mix, Your Daily Mix, Time Capsule.

I also have this same problem. I'm 3 weeks in and still don't have a "Your running mix" playlist. I'm already tired of the preset playlists as only one of them matches my taste and it's quite short.  How long does it take for the "Your running mix" playlist to show up?

Recently I was talking to support through the chat and they said that there is no more such playlist as Your Running Mix.

can anyone verify that "Your Running Mix" is no longer available? That would be a real shame...  I cant get anyone at spotify to tell me - their "support" doesnt seem to know anything about the Running feature at all.

I still have it. Maybe they're doing a phased "roll in"?

My friend just showed me hers yesterday and I am dying to try it but I do not have that option either....can someone from Spotify actually confirm it doesnt exist anymore?! Or why only some people have it? The preset playlists just dont motivate me as much as my hand picked songs. Someone help!!!

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