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"now playing bar not updating" - still not fixed

"now playing bar not updating" - still not fixed



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Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra

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Android version 11


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I've looked at the ongoing issue thread that states that this issue has been fixed, however that is not the case at least in my experience. 


When playing music, the now playing bar does not update with the music. So for example, if I'm listening to Believe by Staind,  then I close the application and I reopen it the artist, song name, and album art cover will be displayed in the now playing bar even if the song is not playing and even if iselect a new song to play. 


I've been in talks with the Spotify Twitter support handle as well and they have suggested two possible reasons as to why this happens: 

  • It's an issue with offline cache
  • It's an issue with a application that interferes with the device cache

On multiple occasions, what they have done is deleted my offline music and ask me to log out and reinstall. This works for about 3 days and then this very same issue occurs. Per their request, I've also deleted antivirus software that messes with device cache, and I still have had no success.


Has anyone had any success in finding a fix for this, because I'm sorry it is clearly not fixed for everyone.

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Hey @DanGue94,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that you haven't found a permanent solution even after speaking with the support teams.


This sounds like the issue might be caused by the way your device saves cache.


Another thing you can try is to disable and re-enable all permissions to Spotify and changing where Spotify saves your music (Settings > Storage > Pick a new location on your device).


Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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