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spotify doesn`t save to sd card


spotify doesn`t save to sd card



on my WIko Wax spotify is unable to save offline music to the sd card. Although the internal disk is full and there is plenty of space on the sd card spotify just says "disk is full". I also emtied the catch and deleted all data...doesn't help.


Thank you for your ideas!

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Hello my name is Thomas, i'm french.

And I HAVE A SOLUTION for everybody who can't handle the problem.


Spotify will release an update sooner as possible, but some beta versions are already online.



This is the link to the latest Spotify Beta Version, you just have to download it and install it.

NOTHING MORE ! (Note for people you could think i can be a hacker, go to an other website and download the apk from an other website, it will works).


For information, my phone is a HTC ONE M8 on Android 6.0, so yes i just installed it, started and amazing it the apps puts every musics on my SD CARD.


Hope, the definitive version will be release soon, and hope it will works for you.

Have a good day.






  someone has tested the Thomas Beta solution ?



Just got an official Google Play update that's supposed to fix this... 

The fact Spotify doesn't put the release notes and fix descriptions on their Play Store page for each version is pretty annoying. Hopefully this one fixes the problem. 


Also, they STILL don't give an option to choose the SD card as the storage location. They could have easily added that instead of making everyone guess as to whether their music is actually going to the SD card. It's so weird they continually omit this feature. Like, just straight up really really weird. It's an option in every other music streaming app. Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music for Android, Google Play Music, RDIO (rip), etc. 

Seems to work (as it used to)


@ryanreitsma Actually in this case the "What's New" secton on Google Play says "Fixed: Use Android Marshmallow? You can download content onto SD card to play offline later.". As you say, no idea why this isn't a proper option though.

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Hey guys!




Finally found a fix for HTC One M8 users. Could also be applied to others on Android 6.0 too.

Firstly, I am not a beta tester, I have the usual Google Play version.


1. Open your existing Spotify app and go to Settings >> press "Delete cache and saved data"

2. Uninstall App

3. Reinstall from Google Play (note the app description will say about fix for offline music on 6.0)




4. Go to device settings >> 'Apps' >> 'Spotify' >> press 'Permissions' >> select 'Storage' (This allows app to read & write to external SD)

5. Go back until you see "Storage" -- note it doesn't look accessible but it is. Go into 'Storage' and press 'Change' 

6. Select your external SD

7. Open Spotify and download as usual (I set extreme quality to streaming and download quality if anyone cares to follow exactly)


Happy offline external SD listening! 😉


New version of Spotify in the Playstore, problem solved!

today got premium account on spotify, and checked where the files were stored because i got an micro sd card with 200 gb in my lg v10. aparently it automaticely chose my sd card to store data. So maybe spotify changed it recently. succes to all who have troubles with this, i'm gonna enjoy some music now.

awesome, just went premium today and was looking for info on where it stores data. afterwards looking into it on my phone noticed it automatically chose sd card... 32gb internal vs 200 gb external, let the downloading begin 😉

Don’t get too excited. You can only download 3333 songs and even at extreme quality you’ll only use about 40 gigs of that. 

i've had spotify for about a year (free version) and mostly listened to the playlists that are available. Everytime i heard a song i really really really love i added it to a playlist. I just downloaded that list, these are only my all time favorite songs.

It's about 70 songs and take up around 800 mb, so 3333 songs will just be fine i guess 😉 maybe i will download a few other playlists but i don't think i'll ever get to that amount of songs. Loving spotify either way, really happy i went premium.

by the way, just found out shazam and spotify can be coupled together so when i hear a song i like, shazam it i can easily add it to my playlist without even opening spotify. just awesome. sorry don't use shazam that much lol.

thanks for the info though.


I will give credit where credit is due. They finally added the option to pick your storage location in the update that rolled out today. THANK YOU. 

I have the new version.


Where in the settings of the App can I select the SD card for offline storage.

Go into the settings then scroll down to the bottom. It's under  "OTHER", then right below is "Storage". Click on "Storage" and it's in there. 

Thank you

Here is a screenshot of my Settings page at the bottom .. I don't have a "Storage" option.


Also you will see my version number too (Android)



Oh wow. Mine looks like this.



Your version is old. There should be a available. It was released for my Note 4 today. 

My Spotify just updated .. must have just taken a while to filter down to Australia 🙂


All good now 🙂

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Hey everyone, 


Like many have already mentioned, with the roll out of 4.8.0, you can now select where to save your music: Go to Settings > Other > Storage and select where you want Spotify to store all your music. This option will be hidden if no SD Card is available or the SD Card is not accessible. You can find more info about these steps here


Thanks for all your feedback on this! 

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