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spotify doesn`t save to sd card


spotify doesn`t save to sd card



on my WIko Wax spotify is unable to save offline music to the sd card. Although the internal disk is full and there is plenty of space on the sd card spotify just says "disk is full". I also emtied the catch and deleted all data...doesn't help.


Thank you for your ideas!

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didnt work

I need help. None of these solutions are working for me. Using a HTC one M8 and samsung 32 gb pro class micro SD. Why can't the app just ask us where to save if it detects more than one storage option? 

@andydagenius wrote:

I need help. None of these solutions are working for me. Using a HTC one M8 and samsung 32 gb pro class micro SD. Why can't the app just ask us where to save if it detects more than one storage option? 

It's working fine on my wife's M8 and my M9. Have you followed all the steps in my guide?


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I thought it wasn working on mine but it actually was. If u delete the app
and download it again. Go to storage on ur fone and make a note of the
memory left on the fone and sd card. Then download a few albums and see
which one alters.. although it was tellin me it was savin to my fone it was
actually savin to my sd card.. if theis doesn't work them i aint got a clue

this is exactly what I done when I got it working on my Z3. It took me a couple of hours of trying all kinds of things but this is what I found worked for me. 


Deleted spotify completely off my phone.

Checked the android/data folder on both the internal storage and sd card to make sure the spoitfy folder had gone. 

Re-install spotify but do not open it.

Fill up my internal storage almost to capacity with a couple of video files (could use anything really) .

Open up spotify and log in.

Go to settings and set quality to extreme.

Start setting playlists/albums etc offline. 


This then started saving everything onto my SD card rather than the internal memory. After it downloaded a few songs I then removed the large files in my internal memory. Then set a lot of stuff to download offline and when I checked it was still using the external storage


I did not have to format my sd card or anything at all in this process , that was going to be my last resort but luckily it never come to that.


Hope this might help somebody having problems. It does seem like a long winded way to go about things when there could be an option in settings of whether you would like to save it to internal or external storage. 

I wonder why they got rid of the option to choose the storage path manually... I really see no use in the method it's done right now.

Hi, I have tried to do the steps said above but for some reason the android, data bit only has the .com spotify in the sd card part of file manager and not on the internal section but it is still taking up room on my internal drive. What should I do?



I have the samsung galaxy S5 and did the whole delete install thing and it didnt work. Also tried going to the app info for Spotify but it does not let me choose the option to "Move to SD card" it is greyed out. I can only click on Clear data.


Any advice?? I have been trying to figure this out all day lol kind of annoying that I can't get the  music on my micro SD card.





I found one requirement that your external card must have a capacity greater than the device memory.


@Daniel wrote:

What makes you say its not saving to the SD? sometime's the system doesn't correctly show that the cache is properly on the SD card. Can you check to see if the folder Android/data/ on the SD card has data/folders in? if it does then it's correctly using the SD card.



This solved it for me, I almost went crazy checking the storage under settings->apps->Spotify. Seemed it was storing files on phone memory, but the folder were created in the right place on the SD Card.. 



Thank you 🙂

I did everything that you typed out, and it was working fine until i redownloaded Spotify and it says that there is no place to put it due to the lack of space on my SD card, theres nothing on the card so i dont understand why it keeps doing this.

I want to thank you. I believe the files I am downloading are now on the sd card (Android 5.1) because the file structure is now on the sd card and definately not playing from wi-fi. I think this going to work out - I bought amazon prime thinking I was going to get all this good stuff and none it is worth a nickle and they get you for 99 dollars before you can figure it all out. I now have a subscription to kindle, netflix and soon spotify - 99 dollars for free shipping for a year (:

Thank you SO much! Extremely painless and detailed solution that didn't involve any dev abilities.

Ok so i fid everything u said...twice n it didnt work.i have a samsung galaxy prevail through boost.

😞 😞


This is so frustrating!


Either my phone (GalaxyS4) shuts down or gets blocked or something, or those messages stating that I don´t  have any space when there are like 32GB free waiting, or even worse...stating that I don´t even have a SD Card mounted. Ohh yes! sometimes Spotify refusing to work...and the whole thing is to just locate my offline playlists to my external storage, which by the way by looking with ES File Explorer some folders like "µtorage" instead of Storage, and some more weird hieroglyphics that made me, counting with today, 9th times fomatting the poor and tired SD Card 😕


Since I have read bunch of threads including this one with possible solutions, tried this and that and so on...I decided myself to make a post and to ask the Communitty, if anyone knows the Spotify version number where we were able to decide where to download stuff?, I mean...what else I can think of? lol


Thanks in advance.







Amazes me that I have 119GB of free space on my SD card, but it opts to use the remaining 10GB of my internal storage. Why is it automatically going there if there is less space? This is ridiculous, wish Sony kept Music Unlimited instead of replacing it with this.

heyyy thank you very much for the help I done exaxly what u said. and now my songs are on SD card thank you s hundred times !! 🙂
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I can confirm the the trick below still works with Spotify 3.5 on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

There really should be a pref there you can chose the location of the installation of files and downloads. As it is the app will be install them on the phone internally if it's fresh install but on sd if it has begun to fill up...

@Rodrigo wrote:

Sorry, let's try a fully clean reinstallation.


- Go to System Settings

- Go to "Apps" 

- Find Spotify there

- On Spotify's page, first, tap "Force Close"

- Then tap "Clear cache" if it's not greyed out.

- Then tap "Unninstall" and remove the app.

- After uninnstalling, power off your device.

- If you can, remove the battery now. Power back on.


I forgot to reply that I got it working. I didn't do anything differently but noticed there was a Spotify folder on the SD Card and the internal storage was no longer draining.

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