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spotify doesn`t save to sd card


spotify doesn`t save to sd card



on my WIko Wax spotify is unable to save offline music to the sd card. Although the internal disk is full and there is plenty of space on the sd card spotify just says "disk is full". I also emtied the catch and deleted all data...doesn't help.


Thank you for your ideas!

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I've tried all permutations of the original steps with the SD card in and out, formatted for internal and external.

None of it worked.

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The only solution I've found is the following steps:

  1. Format SD card as portable storage.
  2. Log out of Spotify
  3. Delete all Spotify data from Settings
  4. Uninstall Spotify
  5. Reinstall Spotify
  6. **Give Spotify Storage permission in the settings before opening the app**
  7. Storage option appears in Spotify settings

I'm running the latest version of Spotify on my HTC M8 (Android 5.01) and I had issues too.

Spotify automatically selected SD card as storage, and did so after a clean re-install.


The problem is that the settings-->apps screen shows 0bytes in the SD card data, but everything listed against "data", which gives the impression that nothing is being stored on the SD card.




The data is being saved on the SD card, and can be confirmed if you check via file explorer (android/data/ - 107 folders!).  The internal storage had 1 file (in the cache/video/segments folder) and SD card had 107 folders in the cache folders.


As such it seems the advice initially posted was correct for my Android version, but the Android applications folder fails to register the SD card data for the app.

Why is my SD card full before I put on all the music downloads from spotify so if its on my SD card I should be able to play my SD card in other devices that take SD cards

Yes, and I feel like this Storage option may be new. Was struggling before and then I saw this option in my Settings only recently. Thanks for this info. 

You can't play spotify downloaded music on another device due to copyright protection.

Could someone please help me. I'm not great with technology so you will have to be patient. I have just got a Samsung a3 and bought a 64gb memory card. I keep trying to save my Spotify music to the ad card but it keeps going on the phone's memory. I have checked the settings on Spotify and it was set to sd card. I've uninstalled the app numerous times and ed cache but it still does it.
Does anyone know what I need to do.
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Tried everything above and didin't work.

What did really work was format SD card as "portable storage". Once I did it, Spotify automatically showed the "Storage" option in settings. No need to reinstall or delete anything.

Good luck!

Thank you I have just tried this but it too didnt work.

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What version of Android is on it?
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! After trying all of the other possible options, thanks to this I realised what was wrong at last 🙂 I guess once the SD card was adopted as internal memory Spotify couldn't tell the difference, and when I changed it to portable the option finally appeared in the app itself. Thank you thank you! 

I just purchased the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.  I followed the instructions you have given.  I download music to my SD card (64GB), it shows it downloaded.  However, a short time later, the Green Arrows are no longer there and it does not indicate any music has been downloaded.  When I look at the SD card, the amount of memory used does indicate it's there.  But Spotify does not see it.


Please advise.



Thanks seems like a good plan.

Anyways. funny thing about Sony Xperia is that spotify is preinstalled and cant be deleted. anyone having any luck with finding that storage option? 🙂

Try removing all data from the app and restoring it to factory default. And
then reinstall the updated version and before you open Spotify for the
first time have a look at them permissions in app settings to see if you
can give Spotify permission to read/write to the external source.

Hope this helps!

SoundCloud: Tapelian

Thanks for trying to help. I didn't work on my phone im afraid. I ended up doing fabric reset. Now it works ☺️. Dont know why it happened in the first place as sony doesn't allow adaptive storage in the first place 🙃

I tried to do this but the 'move to sd card 'button is greyed out so will not work.Most other apps are moveable this way but sadly not Spotify & Facebook ...which uses a stupid amount of memory.Will try the long way when i have the time...thanks

I have done all of this 6-10 times on my Kindle Fire and my downloaded music has disappered from my SD card to God knows where. I download it again and it works for about 3 day and then the same old **bleep**. Give me an Mac OS anyday, PLEASE!

I've got the same problem with my new Sony Xperia XZ Premium with Android 7.1.1. After reformatting my SD card, the option to safe my songs to SD card has disappeared (it was working correctly before).

I already followed the usual tips (in this order): Close force Spotify, purge app cache and app data, deactivate Spotify (as it's preinstalled by Sony, it can't be uninstalled), check that the Spotify directories are deleted in external storage and on the SD card, turn the device off and on again, reactivate the app, update to latest version, activate app permissions (especially storage), start the app...

Unfortunately, there's still no option to save the songs to SD card. I double-checked the SD card after starting Spotify: A new folder under 'Android/data/' is created on both internal storage and sd card, but donwloaded music ist stored on the internal storage.

The SD card is mounted as Portable Storage, not as Adoptable Storage (as Sony does not allow Adoptable Storage without using adb). I've got plenty of adb logs, but that's something for a seperate bug report thread...

Last thing to try would be a factory reset - but I don't want to reinstall everything. Perhaps somebody has another idea?

The Kindle fire uses a mobile operating system, has very little storage,
(you might want to look at unified storage, see if the Kindle supports
that) or else use android 6.0.1 or above to join your SD storage and your
internal storage. Note that this will wipe anything on the SD card, do back
up your important files. As for iOS give me a phone that gets more than 2
hours continuous usage for music listening. That barely gets me through a
bus trip where I live.

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