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volume control on android tablet

volume control on android tablet

hi, anybody knows if Spotify has it's own volume control on Android tablets ?

my Android phone hasn't, so i have to use the android volume, of wich the volume steps

are to big for me, i want finer volume control.

or is there another way to solve my problem ? (without changing firmware-software)


thanks !!



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Open the track you have playing so you have the album art on screen with the playback buttons at the bottom.


You should see a speaker icon, tap that and you will have a sliding volume control bar. Im using version



Thanks Ryan, i have installed the latest version,

but when i hit the speaker button, my phone tells me

i need a premium account to use this one.

I can't open the volume slider.

(i want to  buy me an android tablet, but i want to make sure

there's a fine volume control on it)



I don't see a speaker icon when the album art is on the screen and the playback buttons are on the bottom ?


Pay for Premium account and the volume is very low.


Using Samsung Galaxy Android   Version


Please help!


Thanks !

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