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weird language setup

weird language setup


I'm new to spotify. I wanted to use the app on my android phone. I am using the free version and want to upgrade to the premium, but I cannot (reason see below). I am in Germany and my system language is English (both the phone and desktop). Now I find myself in a quantum state where the language of the app (especially the descriptions of songs) can be English or Spanish(!!), depending on the app's mood (and it's obviously VERY moody). But whenever I click the premium button, it is always in Spanish. Now I assure you I have not been in Spain in the past 10 years and have not opened any webpage in Spanish because I don't speak the language. I found my profile automatically set to "Spain" for some mysterious reasons, and if I click on the edit button, it doesn't give me any other options than "Spain" (!!). Please advice what problem this is and how I can resolve it. I am fine with either English or German, whatever you are capable of at the moment. Thanks.

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Hey there @jtjtjt,


Welcome to the Spotify Community! 


Please check this article out on how to change the language in the app to your preferred one. 


You can try to change the country in your app with the help of this article.  


If none of these help, could you tell us if you're using VPN? Since when are you seeing info in Spanish - since setting up your account or a while after that? 

We'll be keeping an eye out for your reply 🙂 

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