“Enhance” button in Liked song playlist


“Enhance” button in Liked song playlist


I used to use the Enhance button in Liked song playlist until today I found it missing. 

Enhance button in Liked song is the most useful and significant to me. Yes, significant because it really recommended great choice all in one place. 

If it was recently updated, please bring back to the Liked song playlist, because other playlist still have this enhance button feature. 


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Finally back for me 🙂🙂


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I definitely upvote this as it helped me discover new songs in a more efficient way than the daily mixes. I was also so sad to discover it missing after a week or so of use 😞 Please bring it back !


Please bring the button back, I second this as well. It was the perfect way to mix your listening. Two songs of already known and liked and then something new and fresh. 


I tend to listen from my liked songs most and this was something that ensured I found new music whilst doing so. 


Maybe add an undo button as well? I accidentally denied a recommendation before listening to it and I can't remember the name 😞 


Please bring back the enhance button In the liked songs playlist. 


Bring Back enhance button. Best feature in years


Please bring it back! Why tease us for a week or two and the take it away. I found so much more music with it and really want it back. Why can't liked songs be treated like a normal playlist 😥


Really, REALLY dumb for Spotify to have taken the ‘Enhance’ button off of the ‘Liked Songs’ playlist. I have a hard time understanding why they would even do that. I’ve literally been heated about this for the past two days.


Really dumb decision to remove the enhanced feature from liked songs….


Please bring back enhance feature to liked songs. This enhance feature is really help a lot to suggest great song that we like.


This was such a brilliant feature. I'm so annoyed it's gone!!! I ain't got time to browse playlists or seek out music, and the discover weekly playlist is too little songs and the Daily Mixes playlist alghorythm weren't any good . Ugh. I got a couple of thousand likes so having 900 suggestions in a shuffle party mixed with my regular music was so fun. And so convenient to turn off and on. And useful in adding new songs to likes. Bring it black please


I also loved how it renews the enhanced stuff daily or after toggling on and off. This really was a perfect feature with imo a perfect alghorythm. 


Who on earth randomly decides to remove it!? Why? 😏



Definitely a feature to bring back. The appreciation from the community has been insane.



Okay so now I realise I am not mistaken. Liked songs did have an enhance button. True, we mostly put our liked songs playlist on shuffle. And the enhance button worked really well for me. Please get the feature back. From the community replies, I could figure this topic did not have enough votes for the authorities to consider the appeal. Friends, please vote, we need to bring the feature back * sobs *


Add me to the list of irritated Spotify Premium subscribers. The Enhanced option was the best thing to come to Spotify in a long while. Please bring it back!


yeah, this was one of the best features! such a wrong decision to remove it


Easily one of the best features yet, discovered 10+ songs during the week I had this enabled, why remove it?


Please re add this feature, literally everyone in this thread is saying good things about it. I found 100+ songs in 2 days


christ on a bike ... what a sacrilege.
first spotify ads a feature that makes total sense and works damn well and then they remove it again.

i cannot speak for others but here is my take on this:
"liked songs" is the mother of all playlists - wheras other playlist show a compartmentalised segment of my musik-taste (by artist, style, aera, ...) "liked songs" is the most holistic representation of my likings. also only the very best make and stay in the "liked songs"

therfore this is the "all-inclusive-club" for any recommendation algorithm - why on earth would you NOT ALLOW "Enhance" exactly for this playlist ... WHY spotify?

please do us all a favor and bring this feature back.


The only playlist I use is liked songs and the enhance button was perfect for me, I've been so sad about Spotify ever since they removed it. PLEASE bring it back to liked songs - why was it even removed?!


Tried to work with support to find out why this button disappeared. They didn't have a solution. Dang. Like most on this feed, I was really digging the feature. I hope that, since they didn't tell me anything about how to get it back, they reactivate this feature. Super disappointed it went away. And no answer for why or if it's going to be resolved. 😒


Agree completely, absolutely loved the enhance feature on liked songs, was really angry when they removed it.


Since an update, the Enhanced button has disappeared from the liked songs.

Why did you delete it from the liked songs when it is still present in the playlists.


Please bring back this, it is very useful.



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