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History/Recently Played on Mobile Device


History/Recently Played on Mobile Device

 I heard a song that I really liked on my last week's discover playlist and thought I saved it. When I woke up Monday morning it wasn't there. Bummer. A new discover weekly playlist had already loaded and I couldn't retrieve the song. Spotify support couldn't help so I searched all day to find a way to find my recently played songs. I eventually found a solution tonight! If you click into any of your created playlist to view all of your playlist songs, there is an icon for "add songs" on the top of your playlist. When you click on the "add songs" icon it will open to a "suggested" playlist. Scroll left to switch to "recently played." Scroll down to find the song you are looking for!! Not sure how far the list will go back, but I listened to Spotify all day and was able to find the song I was looking for that played last night! Hope this helps!! 

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Awesome tip @Datboiyeayo !

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YAY!  This helps so much and should def be standard feature. 

This is why they're getting slated in reviews for the app as of recent. Spotify are so stubborn and refuse to add simple features which would obviously highten a premiem experience. With each new update and new user interface god forbid, the app becomes even more inconvenient, they get slammed futhermore and they ignore us because they can...

**bleep** thank you so much!

Thank you so much. You have no idea how I love you right now

Thanks man, I love you as much as I hate don't finding the song I was listening to. (It's quite a lot)


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Your instructions and screen shot help a lot.

I was in the same situation as you a bit ago. First place I went was my computer and checked the history there, it wasn't listed. The song is long gone, but I will definitely remember your tip for next time.

Thank you! Your tip was invaluable. I use this feature all the time now.

Great discovery ! Thanks!

However I couldn't find the song I heard on that suggestion list 😞 

I really wanted to find a specific beautiful song I heard for the first time on Spotify which was picked by the app for me. 

It seems like it didn't keep on record the songs that were picked by Spotify and not me.... 😞 


You are a legend thank you!!

Great tip - thank you! @Spotify - it's time to incorporate this feature on all Spotify platforms.

Thank you so much! There definitely needs to a  more user friendly way to view your listening history! 

BRUH !!!!! you saved my life. THANKS A LOT !!!

that API link gave me all the info... I was about to overwrite my song history in search of my song but then came across your API link and I got it...

If I had not seen your link I would have overwritten my history also, surely then it would be possible to find my track.

How to mark your answer as the solution though???

Thank you so much mate!

I just logged in to say THANK YOU

Amazing how buried this is. Great tip! Spotify, make this easier for us!

Thanks for taking some time and effort to share this with your musical friends! Much appreciated!

Oh and Spotify if you read this.. Take a look on the YouTube app! It's very easy to find earlier watched videos..

Thank you so much! That is exactly what happened to me so I had to find the songs i didn't save from my discover weekly, this worked and I got all of them back! Very Helpful 🙂

Awesome! Directions for how to find history on iOS/Android are also here:

THANK YOU for sharing!! ❤️ I smell a feature request

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